• Solar-As-A-Service Provider Sunrun And Smart Home Startup Nest Team Up To Help People Save Money On Energy

    Solar-As-A-Service Provider Sunrun And Smart Home Startup Nest Team Up To Help People Save Money On Energy

    Sunrun and Nest have teamed up to help their users get more out of both their solar energy panels and home automation products. The partnership will give customers who choose to use both products $500 in total savings, while also making it easier to lower the overall cost of powering their homes. Read More

  • SolarCity Can Now Finance $1 Billion In Solar Projects

    On Wednesday, SolarCity added $158 million to the pool of funds that it uses to finance, design, develop and install commercial or residential solar power projects in the U.S. The latest fund came through a partnership with U.S. Bancorp (a subsidiary of U.S. Bank) and gives SolarCity more than $1 billion in financing capacity… Read More

  • SolarCity Wins $21.5 Million Funding Round from Mayfield

    SolarCity today announced that it is taking a $21.5 million round of funding led by Mayfield Fund, and the company’s previous investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DBL Investors and Generation Capital. The company’s prior funding totaled approximately $134 million, and included investors First Solar, JP Morgan and Elon Musk. SolarCity helps businesses, home owners and government… Read More

  • Homerun For SunRun: Sequoia Capital Leads $55 Million Financing

    One thing home solar startup SunRun doesn’t seem to have a problem with is getting access to lots of capital. The three year old company has now raised $85 million in venture capital – including a new $55 million round led by Sequoia Capital. Previous investors Accel Partners and Foundation Capital also participated in the round. But that’s not all. The company also has… Read More

  • Replicators, Innovators, and Bill Gates

    My last post triggered some interesting debates in the blogosphere about whether entrepreneurs were a product of nature or could be nurtured. It’s not black or white. People are a product of their upbringing and education. Average humans can achieve extraordinary feats when they really try. I’ll concede that, like some great athletes, some great entrepreneurs may have something… Read More