• Astronomers Find Evidence Of A Ninth Planet

    Astronomers Find Evidence Of A Ninth Planet

    Two astronomers at Caltech have found evidence that indicates the presence of a ninth planet in our solar system. If confirmed, it would transform the model of our solar system as we know it. While the proposed planet has yet to be directly imaged, its gravitational influence on other known objects has allowed astronomers to detect its presence and determine its characteristics. Read More

  • SolarCity Creates A 22% Module-Level Efficient Solar Panel

    SolarCity Creates A 22% Module-Level Efficient Solar Panel

    Solar panels promise a lot – a cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy source, harnessed from the abundant rays of the sun. But the technology created to pull in that sun power can only go so far per square foot, depending on the panel. SolarCity, the sun-powered startup founded by Elon Musk’s cousins Lyndon and Peter Rive, announced today that it has created the world’s most… Read More

  • Dumb Employers, Lucky Startups And An Untapped Reservoir

    Dumb Employers, Lucky Startups And An Untapped Reservoir

    A group of women is re-entering the workforce today and reshaping how products are made across key tech sectors like health & wellness, commerce and social products. Not only do they have the experience of raising families, but they’ve been business and technology leaders earlier in life. They’re becoming founders and leaders at startups and in the very companies they’ve… Read More

  • This Is Our Sun

    Fun fact: This is the first complete image of our life-giving friend in the sky. Like, first ever in the history of mankind. NASA’s STEREO mission — Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory — installed two nearly identical satellites on either side of the sun making the 3D eyecandy possible. The goal here is to track sunspots, solar storms and the like on the other side of… Read More

  • Google Files Motion To Dismiss Oracle's Suit Against Android

    Last month, Oracle decided to sue Google over its Android mobile operating system, alleging that Google had infringed on seven Java patents related to the OS and its Dalvik virtual machine. Oracle, of course, acquired the relevant Java patents when it bought Sun Microsystems last year, and now it’s eager to cash in on the Android phenomenon. Google initially responded to the claim by… Read More

  • IBM Fingers Web Apps As Culprit Behind 36 Percent Rise In Enterprise Security Threats

    IBM put out a new report (embedded below) on security threats to enterprise computer networks today from its X-Force security research group. It found a 36 percent increase in security vulnerabilities, with Web applications being the main culprit. Web apps with security exploits accounted for 55 percent of all disclosed vulnerabilities. One of the biggest threats are hidden attacks using… Read More

  • Solar Impulse flight a great success, flies for 26 straight hours powered only by the Sun

    Yes! The Solar Impulse’s flight that I mentioned yesterday was a huge success! It landed safely in Switzerland after a 26-hour haul across the Heavens. The people behind the flight hope that it will prove to skeptics that solar power is a viable form of energy after all. I mean, powering all of life on Earth apparently means nothing to these skeptics, but to see an aeroplane in the air? Read More

  • Is the Sun about to destroy every single piece of electronics you own?

    We, and by “we” I mean all life on Planet Earth, owe our very existence to the Sun. It’s nothing more than a typical star, really, but without it, this planet would be as barren as the day is long. (CG: Your home for old-timey phrases.) With that in mind, here’s what could become a pretty important story as we move forward. NASA now believes that, for much of the… Read More

  • Here Goes the Sun

    Jonathan Schwartz deserves better. Sure, he’s got a rich payout from his years at Sun. Sure, he’s leaving because Ellison doesn’t need anybody explaining why the cloud is a good thing. Sure, there are a lot of hurting people who can use Jonathan as an easy target for what’s become of the dot in But what Jonathan did for Sun, and the rest of the industry, was… Read More

  • Oracle receives green light from the EU to acquire Sun Microsystems

    It’s official: the European Commission has granted regulatory approval for Oracle to acquire Sun Microsystems for approximately $7.4 billion, without further conditions. In a statement released moments ago, Oracle says it expects unconditional approval from China and Russia as well and intends to close the transaction shortly. Oracle will host an all-day live event for customers… Read More

  • EU Approves $7.4 Billion Deal Between Oracle And Sun

    It’s official: the European Commission has granted regulatory approval for Oracle to acquire Sun Microsystems for approximately $7.4 billion, without further conditions. In a statement released moments ago, Oracle says it expects unconditional approval from China and Russia as well and intends to close the transaction shortly. Oracle will host an all-day live event for customers… Read More

  • Sun Microsystems Kills Social Programming Project Zembly

    Sun Microsystems sure had some very nice things to say about the zembly project when it was introduced a couple of years ago: We like to say that zembly is the development environment for Sun’s bold vision—an application development environment that not only targets the web as its native platform, but uses cutting-edge web innovations such as web services, social networking, and… Read More

  • Sun To Lay Off 3,000 More Employees Amid Acquisition Delays

    Earlier today Sun Microsystems announced that it would be cutting 3,000 members of its workforce, less than a year after the company announced plans to lay off up to 6,000 of its employees. Sun blamed the latest wave of layoffs on delays involved in Oracle’s acquisition of the company, which was annouced last April but is currently being held up by European regulators. Sun says that it… Read More

  • Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos Joins Benchmark As Entrepreneur In Residence

    Mårten Gustaf Mickos, former CEO of MySQL, is Benchmark Capital‘s newest Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR). Mickos served as chief executive officer for the open source database company from January 2001 to February 2008, when Sun Microsystems acquired MySQL for $1 billion. Benchmark was a relatively early investor in the company; they participated in the $20 million Series B round… Read More

  • Free Ticket Giveaway To See Larry Ellison Speak At The Churchill Club

    Oracle CEO and Founder Larry Ellison is making a rare speaking appearance on the evening of Monday, September 21 to talk to the Churchill Club audience in San Jose, Calif. We’re lucky enough to have five tickets to give away to TechCrunchIT readers. Ellison will be speaking to Ed Zander, former CEO of Motorola, and former President of Sun Microsystems, which Oracle acquired earlier… Read More

  • Oracle To Sun Customers (And IBM): "We're In It To Win It"

    Gotta love this advertisement from Oracle, directed at current Sun Microsystems customers (and now rival IBM), stating its intentions with SPARC and Solaris before the monster acquisition is even a done deal. It’s a full-page ad that appeared in the European edition of the Wall Street Journal today, and you can find it online on the Oracle website as well. However, as Matt Asay noted… Read More

  • The Third Front

    Scott McNealy’s reappearance at JavaOne for the first time in the years since he handed control to Jonathan Schwartz had the feeling of a swan song. But there was also a steely purpose to his gate and demeanor, as he dismissed Schwartz with a hearty handclasp for his stewardship and extracted the slide clicker from his grasp with a note of baton-passing. The camera didn’t even… Read More

  • Oracle To Buy Sun For Approximately $7.4 Billion – Hold On To Your Hats

    Oracle Corporation is to buy Sun Microsystems for $9.50 a share in a deal valued at approximately $7.4 billion, just a few weeks after a deal by IBM to buy Sun fell apart. It looks like Oracle will pay a premium of $2.81 a share, or 42%, over Sun Micro’s closing price of $6.69 a share on Friday. Oracle said the deal is valued at $5.6 billion excluding cash and debt. Oracle is calling… Read More

  • Sun Ready To Renew Acquisition Talks With IBM, If They Promise To Walk The Walk

    Looks like Sun Microsystems is open to renewing acquisition talks with International Business Machines (IBM) if the latter makes a stronger commitment to actually closing the deal, according to Bloomberg sources. Earlier this month, discussions over a potential takeover broke down when IBM withdrew its earlier $7 billion bid to buy Sun. Discussions have stalled, still according to the sources… Read More

  • IBM not buying Sun or "Here doesn't come the sun"

    Oh noes! IBM withdrew its $7 billion bid to buy Sun Microsystems. The company has no other offers outstanding, which may mean that the well-known and well-loved Unix server supplier will have to go it alone in an uncertain economy. One interesting point, from NYT: The Sun board did not reject the offer outright, but wanted certain guarantees that the I.B.M. side considered… Read More