• New iTunes updates might bring unlimited music subscriptions?

    [photopress:itunes8.png,full,center] It’s odd. Steve Jobs has said “no” to the idea of iTunes music subscriptions time and time again, but the rumors never die. Now the Financial Times is reporting the wheels are again turning to grant all-you-can-download music for a monthly subscription to users. There would be a likely premium on hardware or a start-up cost, but with… Read More

  • Dude Says Apple Really Considering Subscription iTunes

    Another day, and as always, another Apple rumor. This time it involves the iTunes Music Store and Apple opening up a subscription-based service. If Les Ottolenghi, CEO of Intent Media Works or something, has his way, he believes Apple is literally “on the verge” of announcing a subscription service for iTunes. This guy means business too. He’s serious! “I think Apple… Read More

  • eMusic Launches Subscription-Based Plans

    I always liked eMusic. Though second banana to iTMS, it still has a good amount of music worth downloading and every song is DRM-free. Now eMusic is trying to launch a subscription service without DRM that will allow users to download a set number of tracks per month. These new plans are being called “Connoisseur Plans” and involve the user paying a set price each month for a… Read More