• Surprise! Pressure Sensitive iPad Stylus Pogo Connect Offers Interchangeable Tips, Locating Feature

    Surprise! Pressure Sensitive iPad Stylus Pogo Connect Offers Interchangeable Tips, Locating Feature

    The Pogo Connect from Ten One Design is maybe one of my most-anticipated gadgets of 2012, a pressure sensitive iPad stylus that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and ships very soon. In the meantime, the company has detailed a couple very interesting features today as it announces that pre-orders are now officially open to all. The Connect will offer interchangeable magnetic tips, and also a homing… Read More

  • Newly Published Samsung Patent Points To A Stylus You Can Talk To

    Newly Published Samsung Patent Points To A Stylus You Can Talk To

    If that microstylus just isn’t cutting it for you, then you may want to see what Samsung has been mulling over. A recently published patent reveals some interesting new tricks that Samsung may be planning to stick in their forthcoming styluses (styli?). I don’t need to tell you that Samsung has something of a fixation on pen-based interfaces — take the pocket-sized Galaxy… Read More

  • Apple Patents Surface Describing Conductive Chargeable Stylus

    Two Apple patents have just surfaced in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, both of which describe methods for stylus input on a capacitive touchscreen, as well as other surfaces. Now, Apple hearts patenting things, whether the company actually has plans to act on them or not. Many of them end up untouched, and even forgotten, so there’s no telling if we’ll ever see a super cool… Read More

  • DIY: a knob for your iPhone

    So you don’t like a stylus, but you don’t want to get your iPhone screen all dirty either. Easy solution, build a knob that will simulate the act of touching your iPhone screen. This is an easy build, but it’ll take some tweaking to get the fabric in the right places to work properly. Seems like there’s been quite a few iPhone related knobs lately. Read More

  • Autograph: simple signature capture for MacBooks

    Tablet PCs never really caught on, did they? And yet, nearly every laptop sold today has a touchpad / trackpad thingie. Wouldn’t it be cool to use that for the few tablet-y things you’d like to do, like signing your autograph on a document, or making a doodle? Well now you can, with Autograph! Read More

  • Duo Digital: touchscreen for laptops and LCD's

    PNF (Pen And Free Co.) released the Duo, so you can turn your laptop into a touchscreen without ripping it apart. You just install the receiving station on top or on the side of your screen, define the area you want to use as a tablet and that’s all. However, you have to use a stylus to operate. The laptop version supports up to 15.4″, the monitor version to 22″. Oh and it… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pogo stylus half off (today only)

    Back in December of 2007, I brought you news of the Pogo stylus for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I remarked that the initial price of $25 sounded a bit expensive for an aluminum stick and that a stylus sort of defeats the purpose of the iPhone/iPod Touch. Some of you agreed with me and some of you made a good point that the Pogo would work well in the wintertime (assuming you don’t buy… Read More

  • μ1060: Olympus rolls out a new digital camera

    Olympus Japan unveiled a new point and shoot camera [JP], the μ1060, which will become available on August 30 for $360 (no word on availability and pricing outside Japan yet). The successor model of the μ1020 (Stylus 1020 in the US) comes with the following features: – 1/2.33″ 10 megapixel CCD sensor
    – 37mm-260mm lens
    – 7x optical zoom
    – ISO sensitivity of up… Read More

  • iPhone stylus handles dragging, SIM eject tool

    Those of you who want to be able to eat honey-dipped powdered donuts without having to put your iPhone or iPod Touch down for five minutes may or may not take great pleasure in this affordable, yet wonderful stylus from ThinkGeek. It’s got a spring-loaded tip, which aims to replicate on-screen dragging and the opposite end of the stylus hides a SIM eject tool “perfect for those of… Read More

  • Brando hanging Bluetooth headset and stylus: Like a marriage of fish, bicycle

    For those who find it difficult to separate their “writing on a screen time” from their “talking to humans” time, Brando has a $30 Bluetooth stylus that doubles as a phone headset. That’s right: you can tap away on whatever you use that still uses a touch screen while talking. Clearly whether to pull your stylus out of your device or buy a smaller headset is… Read More

  • Stylus for iPhone/iPod touch costs $25, defeats purpose

    When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone, he made his feelings about stylus use pretty clear by saying something to the effect of "Who wants a stylus? Yuck. We’ll use the best pointing device in the world, our fingers." I share an equal disdain for the stylus and I find that even my fat fingers work well enough on my iPod touch. Some people don’t, though. If… Read More