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  • Ooyala Brings Free, Live Coverage Of The Australian Open To The Web (For The First Time)

    Ooyala Brings Free, Live Coverage Of The Australian Open To The Web (For The First Time)

    Tennis anyone? You have to love this. Realtime event coverage startup Livestream recently brought commercial-free, streaming coverage of New Year’s Eve in Times Square to the Web. If you caught more than a few minutes of network TV coverage of NYE, you would have been subjected to the ungodly number (and frequency) of ads. Livestream’s commercial-free coverage was a welcome… Read More

  • Video Review: FyreTV

    FyreTV is a set top box that streams on-demand video (perhaps not the kind of video you’re thinking of) for $9.95 per month. The box itself is free and the monthly fee gets you 100 credits good for between 50 and 100 minutes of video (the kind of video only grown-ups should watch). Read More

  • TV shows and movies to go streaming

    Amazon has begun beta testing its forthcoming streaming video service (sign up here) called Amazon Video on Demand. It’ll offer the ability to immediately stream any of the 40,000+ TV shows and movies that are available through Amazon’s “Unbox” service. The real story here, though, is Amazon’s partnership deals with various hardware vendors. It’s already… Read More

  • In case you hadn't heard, all NCAA games are on Joost

    Just a heads up that Joost will be conducting a test run of every game in the NCAA tournament, streamed live. There’s a fair amount of warning that this is a test of Joost’s live streaming capabilities, so take that into consideration if you’re hell bent on being able to watch the games reliably. There’s also’s live stream as well, so you’ve got… Read More

  • TiVo to feature YouTube videos later this year

    The wait is finally almost over. Sometime later this year, TiVo Series3 and TiVo HD owners have access to the wonderful world of YouTube, allowing them “to search, browse and watch these videos directly on their television sets through their broadband connected TiVo DVRs.” Dave Zatz finds it interesting that only Series3 and TiVo HD owners will be getting this feature, wondering… Read More

  • Orb interface coming to iPhone, iPod Touch soon?

    The original boxless Slingbox, Orb might just be unveiling an iPhone/iPod Touch version of its excellent-and-free interface in the next couple of days. Orb has apparently found a way around Apple’s RTSP port cockblockery by streaming your goodies as MP4 files. You’ll also be able to use Orb features with Winamp to "turn your home media player into a very limited kind of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free DivX Pro

    If you’ve been patiently waiting for the DivX Pro codec and converter but you constantly find yourself without the $19.99 necessary to purchase said tools, now’s your chance to download DivX Pro for the low, low price of free. No rebates, no hassles. Just download it and enter the serial number that’ll be sent to your e-mail address. Free DivX Pro [] via FatWallet Read More

  • NBC and Netflix sitting in a tree, S-H-A-R-I-N-G

    Looks like Netflix subscribers get yet another feather to add to their caps. NBC has struck up a deal whereby flixers can watch episodes of some hit shows like “Heroes” the day after they’re aired on cable. You’ll be able to stream the new episodes, or get ones from earlier in the season on DVDs. Sounds sweet to me, mainly for those who haven’t taken the plunge… Read More

  • Cellfish sends videos to your phone, helps you slack off This looks like it’s easy to use. Plus, the video is both funny AND informative. It basically allows you to send videos to your phone via text message. Available videos are on Cellfish’s own web site but developers can play around with the API or use the "Add-to-Phone" widget to offer content from their own sites. You… Read More

  • DivX coming to PlayStation 3

    DivX announced this morning that its technology will soon be alive and well inside your PS3 console. “Our technology will expand the multimedia functionality of PS3 by enabling users to enjoy access to the broad library of content in the DivX digital media format,” said DivX CEO Kevin Hell. I’d like to announce this morning that I’ve never known of someone with the… Read More

  • Best Buy grabs minority stake in 'Mydeo' video service

    Best Buy is now in the video hosting game, thanks to UK-based Mydeo. Mydeo is basically a service that allows you to upload your videos to it and then share them with friends, loved-ones, and hangers-on. Read More