• Study: 61% of U.S. Households Now Have WiFi

    Study: 61% of U.S. Households Now Have WiFi

    In the U.S., 61% of all households currently have WiFi networks installed at home. According to data from Strategy Analytics, this means the U.S. is ahead of countries like Spain (57.1%), Mexico (31.5%) and India (2.5%). At the same time, though, this only puts the U.S. somewhere in the lower half of WiFi adoption among developed nations. In countries like South Korea (80.3%), the UK (73.3%)… Read More

  • Android’s Now On Top For Mobile Browsing and Search, But Still A Challenger Elsewhere

    Android’s Now On Top For Mobile Browsing and Search, But Still A Challenger Elsewhere

    Android has become the most popular platform in smartphone sales, and that domination is slowly but surely making itself felt in other aspects of the mobile experience — just as Google would have wanted it to be. Some figures out from the number-crunchers at StatCounter have found that Android’s native browser has finally overtaken Opera to become the world’s most popular… Read More

  • See what’s hot in the iTunes app store with Medialets

    Looking for the perfect site for tracking the stats of all the apps in your Fantasy iPhone League? Do such leagues even exist?? Who knows?! At any rate, a site called has up to date stats on which free and for-pay iTunes apps are being downloaded with reckless abandon. You’ll see by the above image that “Super Monkey Ball” is WHITE HOT in the for-pay category. Read More

  • HD Video Sales Still Slow

    This data might be a little biased — it was commissioned by Sony — but according to a Nielsen VideoScan Blu-Ray is outselling HD DVD by 9 to 2, with only The Departed in the HD video top ten. Among the numbers revealed: as of March 18, VideoScan put the cumulative number of Blu-ray titles sold since the format’s inception at 844,000 units, versus HD DVD at… Read More

  • Merrill Lynch Claims 30% Of US Households Will Have A Wii By 2011

    Looks like Merrill Lynch is the latest company to be added to the Nintendo payroll. Analyst Yoshiyuki Kinoshita is now claiming that by the year 2011, 30% of US households will own a Nintendo Wii and a third of Japanese households will own one as well. The predictions come as the Wii has surpassed expected sales and doubts that the console would be gimmicky. Adding fuel to the fire is the… Read More