starcraft II

  • StarCraft II beta incoming, better sign up fast

    At PAX last year, we were among the first in the world to test out StarCraft II, and we found it very StarCrafty. And now is your chance to try the next blockbuster from Blizzard, which will be entering Beta over the next couple months. Check out the instructions from Blizzard inside. Read More

  • New StarCraft 2 Pics From Blizzcon

    Nick over at ShackNews recently got back from Blizzcon and took some awesome shots of StarCraft II that are sure to please. There will be heaps of marines, battlecruisers, and motherships for your gaming enjoyment and it really looks to become one of the best Blizzard games yet. I’m sure once Starcraft II comes out, people will be craving something other than WoW. Check out the link… Read More