star wars

  • These Are The Star Wars Moleskine Notebooks You're Looking For

    Picture this: you’re on a road trip with a pal, and both of you are keeping a journal in your little Moleskine notebooks, filling them with your secrets, sketches, and occasional collages. One day you throw them in the back seat, and later on, accidentally pick up each other’s Moleskines. You open it up and… oh god! All your secrets revealed! This would never happen if you… Read More

  • Lucasfilm's New Office Is Decidedly Sandcrawlerish

    Just a little Star Wars to start your week right. Lucasfilm’s (technically their Animation sub-company, which makes the Clone Wars cartoon) planned offices in Singapore are quite clearly an homage to the Jawa’s mobile homes in A New Hope. Hey, it’s an efficient design. I don’t think it’ll roll around, though. [via Nerd Approved and Blastr] Read More

  • Star Wars Hits Blu-ray On September 16

    The Blu-ray edition of Star Wars: The Complete Saga now has a release date: September 16 of this year. Amazon lists the collection for $90, so start saving your pennies. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Laugh It Up Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy

    The Family Guy adaptation of Star Wars is perhaps Seth MacFarlane’s greatest contribution to humanity — and the Blu-ray release is on sale at Amazon for only $20. Seriously, can you think of a better way to spend $20? The Star Wars Space Slug Oven Mitt, you say. Okay, well played. Besides that must-have kitchen accessory the Blu-ray set is a great way to spend a twenty spot. Read More

  • Star Wars Is Going 3D Starting On Feb 10, 2012 — Or Rather, George Lucas Will Fail Humanity On Feb 10, 2012

    Take offensive action! It’s a trap! Oh never mind. The right people aren’t listening. Star Wars is going 3D and short of a glorious asteroid crashing into Earth, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. The plan is to release one film a year in 3D starting with Episode One on February 10, 2012. This chronological order will retell the story in proper timeline order… Read More

  • Today Is The Day You Become A Man: Hand-Welded AT-AT Available For $450

    Conceptually, this AT-AT made of old computer parts is amazing. It’s well-detailed, includes real battle scarring, and it looks like it could stand in for one of the AT-ATs in the second Star Wars movie, The Wrath of Kahn. Practically, however, I worry that this $450 model – available now on Etsy in a limited edition of 1 – is really a make or break situation for a collector. Read More

  • Bring Me Boba Fett's Head…Phones

    While Boba Fett obviously has an air of “danger and mystery,” did you know that he also enjoyed Jazz and early Dixieland? That’s right: Jango Fett, whose real name was Bruce Fitzgerald Fett and was born in Aukland, wasn’t called Jango for nothing (he dropped the silent D because they didn’t have that particular consonant combination on his adopted planet of… Read More

  • Amazon Pegs September 27th As The Star Wars Blu-ray Release Date

    Star Wars is finally getting released on Blu-ray. That’s a fact, jack. Sometime in September is what the initial announcement stated. Now, Amazon is listing the actual date as September 27. You know what this means? It’s time dig out the trusty Travel John and camp out in front of Best Buy. [Amazon via Engadget Read More

  • I Cannot In Good Conscience Recommend Buying This Yoda Robe

    Normally I would have passed this by. But since I already posted one cheesy Star Wars tie-in today, I figured why not make it two? This luxurious velour robe (what man wears a velour robe?) comes with a flip-up Yoda head and Rebel Alliance badge. Perfect for the man who never leaves his house. It costs £49.95, which is too much. [via 7Gadgets] Read More

  • Unfortunately, These Han And Greedo Bookends Are Sold Out

    Where these came from, I don’t know. I’ve done a little searching and there don’t appear to be any Han/Greedo cantina bookends anywhere on the internet. It’s too bad, because they’re definitely the coolest Star Wars bookends I’ve seen… and brother, I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars bookends. Read More

  • The Star Wars Re-Release: Much We Have To Learn

    As we saw teased before CES, the Star Wars Trilogy (along with those other ones) is indeed to be re-released on Blu-Ray in September (you can pre-order now). The fan relationship with this franchise is perhaps the most complicated one in the entertainment world, for various reasons, and while I have no doubt that the new release will see millions of sales, it’s a legitimate question to… Read More