Star Trek

  • Whatever happened to the Klingons, anyway

    There was one race conspicuously missing from the J.J. Abrams Star Trek film: the Klingons. They were filmed, but the scene with them questioning Nero was cut for whatever reason. The good news is, in this day and age deleted scenes rarely stay deleted for long. Case in point, SpikeTV just revealed a deleted scene where we do get to see the Klingons, and they ain’t happy with Nero. This… Read More

  • Star Trek onesies for young nerdlings

    While scores of parents the world over may worry endlessly about the distinct possibility of their children growing up nerdly, I say get ‘em started early with stuff like these Star Trek onesies. Read More

  • Star Trek communicator cloth one step closer to reality, still won't beam you up

    Many gadgets we use today were inspired by the fictional gadgets in Star Trek. Communicators inspired cell phones, tablet computers were inspired by the datapads that crew members carried, the medical scanners like Bones used in sick bay are becoming a reality as well. And now some Finns are hard at work at making the badge communicators happen, by making your clothes into the antenna such a… Read More

  • Don't forget, Star Trek returns to IMAX today

    Kiddies, you must go to your local IMAX theater and see Star Trek during its two week re-run. Even if you saw it the first time around on a standard screen. Trust me, it’s so worth it on an IMAX screen. Click through for a list of the participating IMAX screens. Read More

  • Star Trek to return to IMAX theaters this Friday!!!

    Did you see Star Trek. You had to see Star Trek. It was tits. But if you missed it the first time around or you need something to do for your anniversary, JJ Abrams’ Star Trek will be re-released in 85 IMAX theaters this Friday. Read More

  • Star Trek tricorder media player

    People have been trying to come up with a working tricorder for years, and while this latest product may not be able to analyze an ore sample or check a patient’s heartrate, it will play the latest Kraftwerk single. Read More

  • Video: A touchable hologram

    The Star Trek Enterprise’s holideck is now one tiny step closer to becoming a reality. Check out the video above to see an interactive holigram that can provide quasi-tactical feedback using ultrasonic waves. Now it’s just a matter of time now before we’re playing cowboys and indians with Data and¬†Geordi La Forge. Read More

  • Mothers, lock up your daughters — Star Trek cologne is here

    Here’s a new one: Star Trek cologne. Called Red Shirt, it carries the tagline “Because tomorrow may never come.” I guess if you’re gonna die out in deep space, you might as well smell terriffic. Read More

  • Why should there not be Star Trek PEZ flash drives?

    Take your Star Trek fandom to the next level with these custom made Star Trek PEZ…USB drives. You know you want them. Your two friends would be so jealous. 2GB drive for only $25. Read More

  • Video tour of Star Trek: The Exhibition at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute

    Jeff Victor of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, recently showed me around the 12,500-foot Star Trek exhibit at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute. We laughed, we cried, we played a little Dabo. Good times indeed. Read More

  • Star Trek devices that resemble present-day gadgets

    The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is currently running a Star Trek exhibit with all sorts of whimsical items from the various TV shows and movies. A few devices, in particular, look mighty familiar to present-day gadgets. Read More

  • Tricorder invented, now EMTs can take vital signs from 40ft away

    We’ve had some tricorder false alarms over the last couple years, but this one seems to be legit. A multi-institutional task force under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Science & Technology Directorate (take a breath) has created a hand-held tool which can read pulse, body temperature, and respiration from up to 40 feet away. It’s not quite at the level of… Read More

  • Star Trek was screened on the ISS

    Lucky cosmonaut and astronauts. Not only do they get the best corner office view ever, but they also have a legit version of Star Trek¬†downloaded. The three men currently on board the International Space Station received a special copy of the film via NASA and settled into a dark node of the station to enjoy the show yesterday. Read More

  • Video: Spock on the origin of the Vulcan salute

    I bet that you don’t know where the Vulcan salute came from? I also bet that you don’t know Leonard Nimoy himself that suggested the hand gesture for Star Trek and that it comes from his religious background. Click through to watch a short clip on the subject. Read More

  • Please do not carry this Star Trek Tricorder replica in public

    It’s probably best to playact with this Star Trek Tricorder in the privacy of your own home. Please do yourself a favor and if you must spend $49.99 on this, keep it on a shelf somewhere and only play with the working sound effects and lights when no one is around. Sound good? Read More

  • MSN Video: Why Is This Klingon Holding A Dolphin?

    In honor of the latest Star Trek release, MSN Video has rolled out a Klingon version of its Star Trek video page. Klingon, of course, is the tongue spoken by the race of the same name in the fictional Star Trek universe. For those of you who aren’t Trekkies, Klingons are the warrior race and usually are portrayed as the enemy in the Star Trek series and movies. One notably hilarious (or… Read More

  • SNL Star Trek skits new and old

    Trekkies are an odd bunch and SNL did a great job poking fun at them back in 1986 with help from Shatner. Last weekend SNL continued the tradition with the help from the new actors and Leonard Neomy. Watch the new and old videos after the jump. Read More

  • Why the Star Trek IMAX isn't real IMAX

    Didja catch Star Trek last weekend? Some people did ’cause the movie brought in an estimated $72.5 million. Anyway, one of Joel Johnson’s friends just so happens to be an IMAX engineer and offers up an explanation on why the new Star Trek isn’t a real IMAX film dispite being shown on IMAX screens. She goes into a bit more detail than “it isn’t IMAX… Read More

  • Video: Turn right to the final frontier with Garmin GPS devices

    Sure this is old as all get out and Star Wars is better than Star Trek, but if you want your Garmin StreetPilot or Nuvi to sound like Scotty on the toilet you can download and install these Star Trek sounds at your leisure. Read More

  • Star Trek TNG remixed into surreality, hilarity

    These little minute-long episodes, cut from actual (or slightly modified) Star Trek: The Next Generation footage, are simultaneously bizarre, ingenious, and unbelievably hilarious. Some are NSFW, but you shouldn’t watch them at work anyway because you’ll be firing coffee out of your nose and into the next cube. I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried — though 12 is pretty… Read More