• The Stanford Boys (and Girls) Club—In Beijing

    The Stanford Boys (and Girls) Club—In Beijing

    I’ve written a lot about America’s flawed immigration policies: how the unavailability of permanent-resident visas and the growing xenophobia in the U.S., combined with expanding economic opportunities abroad, are causing a reverse brain drain. Skilled immigrants are returning home to countries like China and India in record numbers. America’s leaders are accelerating the trend by panderingRead More

  • Tech Industry Managers: Little Men in Big Shoes?

    Tech Industry Managers: Little Men in Big Shoes?

    When I was ready to transition from computer programmer to project manager, my employer, Xerox Corporation, sent me to its huge training center in Leesburg, Virginia. Over two weeks, the people there taught me some of the skills I needed in order to succeed in my new role: managing projects, motivating people, complying with employment regulations, and preparing status reports and presentations. Read More

  • Stanford Heats Up Solar Power With New Harnessing Technology

    Stanford Heats Up Solar Power With New Harnessing Technology

    A Stanford University research group says it found a way to more than double current solar power production efficiency. The technology uses both light and heat from the sun and is inexpensive enough that, if it pans out, it might be able to compete with oil. Most current technology can either convert light into electricity at relatively low temperatures, or convert the sun's heat at very high… Read More

  • Is journalism dead in the 21st Century?

    The Traveling Geeks gathered together for a great turnout (despite the torrential downpours) at the Guardian’s Media Talk (live) podcast. Our agenda was to discuss journalism and it’s rapid change in the 21st Century. Listen here. While more and more newspapers lose their audience and their advertisers, print is quite quickly, becoming obsolete. In the video below you will see Sarah… Read More

  • Stanford Course On How To Build iPhone Apps Will Soon Be Available On The iPhone

    Stanford Course On How To Build iPhone Apps Will Soon Be Available On The iPhone

    Want to learn how to create an iPhone app? Later this week, aspiring app creators will be able to start watching a popular Stanford computer science course on developing iPhone apps right on their iPhones. Stanford will start distributing the course for free as a video podcast throughiTunes U. (The podcasts can also be watched on iPods and computers, obviously). With more than 25,000 apps out… Read More

  • Stanford Conducts Internet Research

    Stanford Conducts Internet Research

    Stanford University recently conducted a research study to see what people do on the Internet. According to their website with a 1996-based layout, E-mail still reigns king as the most popular activity with 90% of users sending e-mails. And get this: Chat rooms are for the young and anonymous, as if you didn’t already know tons of pervs chill in them all day long. Stanford also describes the… Read More

  • Dork At Stanford Raps About UNIX Commands

    Not even a minute into this video and I was cracking up. It’s not even because he’s rapping (poorly) about UNIX-commands, it’s that this is the biggest display of geekism ever. The beats are not fresh, the bassist has a frickin’ music stand to read notes off of, and the keyboardist is wearing the most unfashionable glasses to date. Oh, and last time I checked, unless… Read More