• The Politics Of The Internet Of Things  Crunch Network

    The Politics Of The Internet Of Things 

    The prospective scale of the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to fill anyone looking from the outside with the technical equivalent of agoraphobia. However, from the inside, the view is very different. Looked at in detail, it is a series of intricate threads being aligned by a complex array of organizations. As with any new technological epoch, questions around shape, ownership… Read More

  • Standards Bring Order To Enterprise Software

    Standards Bring Order To Enterprise Software

    One thing was clear to me this week as I wandered the halls of the Hilton at Torrey Pines for the Cloud Identity Summit, and it had nothing to do with the famous golf course or the trees for which it’s named. Whatever the subject, enterprise scale brings with it complexity, and one of the ways to counteract that complexity is developing standards. In fact, a persistent theme across… Read More

  • WebCL Will Soon Let Web Developers Harness The Power Of Multi-Core GPUs And CPUs From The Browser

    WebCL Will Soon Let Web Developers Harness The Power Of Multi-Core GPUs And CPUs From The Browser

    Web browsers, for the most part, can’t use the full power of your computer or mobile device. The code they execute tends to run in a sandbox that’s abstracted from your hardware and doesn’t give the browser full access to it. So while your desktop software can, for example, use all the cores in your machine and use a modern GPU for parallel processing to speed up an image… Read More

  • Future Versions of Firefox Could Feature Built-In Video Chat

    Future Versions of Firefox Could Feature Built-In Video Chat

    For a while now, Mozilla has been looking beyond the core browser features to expand Firefox’s capabilities. Last week, the Firefox team showed an interesting new demo at the ITEF 83 meeting in Paris. In this demo, the Firefox team shows a new browser-based video chat feature for Firefox that is completely based on JavaScript and other open standards. The most important of these… Read More

  • Google Forces Web Standards Issue Using Sexy Buttons

    Google made a very minor but significant change to their search homepage earlier this week. While everybody else was distracted by the barcode logo, a few Chrome and Safari users may have noticed that the search buttons now have a certain zing to them, a new and pretty look, with slightly rounded corners, a border around them and a cool looking gradient. Now, before you think or say… Read More

  • You down with OPDS? Yeah, you know us!

    So eBooks are the Next Big Thing, and soon we’ll all be reading eBooks exclusively. How, though, will we find new eBooks? It’s not like there’s a unified standard for organizing and displaying catalogs of eBooks available for purchase on any device capable of displaying an eBook. If only someone would create such a standard! If I did it, I would call it “Open… Read More

  • 3X DVD Launched: Kinda HD, But Not

    3X DVD is a red-laser DVD standard that works on HD DVD players but uses standard DVD discs rather than the more expensive HD DVD disks. The discs, which are now available, offer AACS copy protection but transcode video to VC-1 or AVC and lower the resolution to 720p, not bad, but definitely not great. This sounds sort of like the VCD standard — popular with pirates but not with anyone else. Read More