• Brando burps up two speaker solutions

    Brando burps up two speaker solutions

    Do you need a speaker that looks like a mouse? How about a speaker that looks like a pair of lips? The mouse speaker, at $14, connects to your iPod and lets you “share” your music with throngs of people who probably want to kill you. The lips, ummm, also cost $14 and do the same thing. Purchase a your own risk. Mouse Lips Technology addiction… there is help. Read More

  • These foldable cardboard $15 speakers are worth every dollar

    These foldable cardboard $15 speakers are worth every dollar

    I fully doubt these speakers sound like anything other than ass, but they will only set you back a tenner if you look and they fold up to fit in your laptop bag — can you really say no to that? They’re made of recycled materials, which implies that they too are recyclable. These are the perfect speakers for taking to the beach or a picnic with that eco-conscious friend of yours. Read More

  • Review: Razer/THX Mako 2.1

    Review: Razer/THX Mako 2.1

    If there’s one single gadget out there that I’ve been longing to review this year it’s the 2.1 speaker system from Razer. We caught a glimpse of them at last year’s CES and then there were teases that it would be out towards the end of last year, which never came about, but we’re getting much closer. You can pre-order now on Amazon and I’ve heard whispers that… Read More

  • Razer/THX Mako Advanced 2.1 desktop speaker unboxing

    Razer/THX Mako Advanced 2.1 desktop speaker unboxing

    We’ve covered the Mako speakers on more than one occasion, but now we finally have a set in the office to test out. I think the majority of the team saw, rather, heard these at CES and everyone was blown away at how good they actually sounded. We’ll run a few tests and see who we can piss off in the office in the next couple weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the pics. Read More

  • The random endorsement: surround sound

    [photopress:endorsess.jpg,full,right] Big deal, Kennedy endorsed Obama. Today I endorse surround sound and I fully expect sales to increase one million fold. Yes, after a brief hiatus in which I spent my time watching Home and Garden TV and refreshing Drudge every eight seconds, I return today with the endorsements. No doubt many of you don’t give a damn what I think—you have something… Read More

  • XtremeMac debuts Tango X2

    XtremeMac debuts Tango X2

    Yes, it’s another iPod dock. Is it necessary in an already over saturated marketplace? Probably not, but if you were a fan of the original Tango then the X2 just might be the perfect upgrade. The 2.1 speaker system offers ‘precision tuned high dynamic speakers’, tweets and a sub. An AM/FM radio is also included in this iteration. A blue LED display is placed behind the mesh… Read More

  • Ear to the Floor: Hot CES Audio Gear

    Ear to the Floor: Hot CES Audio Gear

    Ahh, CES. Where the weak are killed and eaten. And where zillions of companies decide to debut products that should’ve been smothered at birth. But a few things actually managed to impress me so far as I stumble through CES and its constellation of surrounding events. So here they are, a handful of goodies I saw and heard that make my ears glad to be attached to my head. At least, before… Read More

  • THX has some weird new UFO-shaped speakers

    THX has some weird new UFO-shaped speakers

    Specs here. They sounded pretty good from what I could tell in the noisy hall, but they look freaky. Read More

  • Logitech's CES cavalcade: New Harmony Remote, Squeezebox lead the day

    [photopress:diNovoMini_TOP_OPEN.jpg,full,center] Logitech just announced five new products including an impressively updated Harmony remote, the One, and a new Squeezebox. Take, for example, this weird thing. The diNovo Mini is a mini keyboard for gamers. It includes a little touchpad and works with most media center PCs. It uses Bluetooth 2.0 to connect to most desktops. $149.99 in January Read More

  • Infinity anounces Classia Series speakers

    Infinity anounces Classia Series speakers

    One of these days I’m going to get myself a nice set of surround sound speakers. Who knows, maybe I’ll snag a set from Infinity. The Classia Series is aesthetically pleasing and includes a compact bookshelf monitor, wall-mountable center channel, floorstanding tower, and a wall-mountable surround speaker with selectable monopole/bipole/dipole/dual-speaker operation. Drivers in the… Read More

  • Make your iPod Nano box into a portable speaker set

    Make your iPod Nano box into a portable speaker set

    I still have the box for my 5G iPod sitting on some shelf somewhere, because it was just too nice to throw away. Of course, I’m a pack rat and keep worthless stuff all the time. But now I have a decent reason to keep the thing, at least if I buy a new Nano. Japanese gadget outfitter Bird Electron has a sweet little kit to convert your Nano’s box into a little portable speaker set… Read More

  • Bowers & Wilkins 685 Speaker Review

    Bowers & Wilkins 685 Speaker Review

    After checking out B&W’s 685 stereo speakers for more than a month, I’m truly impressed. These mid-size speakers are perfect for a roomy bookshelf or on speaker stands, and they handled all the music I could throw at them with precision and superb richness. Movies still benefit from a decent subwoofer, but most acoustic music lovers can do without one in a small living room. At… Read More

  • Mirae MP-170 speakers on the cheap

    Mirae MP-170 speakers on the cheap

    Not all of us can spend $200 or more on speakers for our computers. For the rest of us, there’s Mirae’s MP-170 speakers. Although these aren’t the best speakers in the world, they’ll do just fine for a PC that’s in a living room. That’s because the MP-170s have a built-in display that allows the user to display pictures during audio playback. Depending on your… Read More

  • Miller Lite Subwoofer brings beer to the ear

    Miller Lite Subwoofer brings beer to the ear

    When money gets tough and you want to add a sub-woofer to your 1998 Hyundai Tiburon with the rims you got from that dude off Craigslist, you’ll need something on the cheap. After all, those “professional” boxes made from things like wood and plastic cost way too much for any college student. So it makes sense that some dude instead opted to pound Miller Lite all night and throw a… Read More

  • Xtreme Mac's Tango Studio iPod speaker+dock: When new really isn't new

    Xtreme Mac's Tango Studio iPod speaker+dock: When new really isn't new

    Do you have a bookshelf or a desktop? Do you like to listen to music? Oh man, then you and XtremeMac’s Tango Studio are a perfect match. It’s more or less the same speaker+dock we’ve seen for the past several years, complete with FM radio and compatibility with damn near every iPod out there (save for the really old ones). Nearest I can tell, the only “new” thing… Read More

  • Urban Fidelity 'Planet' sound-dispersing speakers

    Urban Fidelity 'Planet' sound-dispersing speakers

    Sure they’re expensive — starting at $1295 — but can you really put a price on metallic planet-shaped balls that "disperse sound in a perfect 360-degree soundfield"? Read More

  • Crazy headphones aren't headphones at all

    Crazy headphones aren't headphones at all

    The Sony PFR-V1′s are actually two mini speakers which are said to mimic an extravagant audio setup. There’s a whole bunch of tech-specs which supposedly justify the $540 price but whatevs, at the end of the day these kinda ruin the premise of headphones. Last we checked headphones were meant for private listening. Not to mention you’ll look like a total douche rocking these on… Read More

  • Gigantic speakers are probably taller than you

    Gigantic speakers are probably taller than you

    Take this set of Evolution Acoustics speakers anywhere you need a little extra muscle; the gym, the bar, the back-alley River City Ransom-like brawl, or anywhere else you need a 6-foot, 525-pound buddy to watch your back. Or maybe just leave it at home and use it to listen to music. Enclosed within the slick wooden housing are two 15-inch woofers, two 7-inch mids, and a 5-inch tweeter on each… Read More

  • Review: Bose Computer MusicMonitor

    Review: Bose Computer MusicMonitor

    What’s insanely small and costs way too much? A diamond. What else? Bose’s new Computer MusicMonitor desktop speakers — but they sure are shiny with their silvery aluminum finish. Bose cleverly combined two ingenious ideas and added a little DSP magic to make what are quite possibly the finest speakers of their size. Of course, all that science costs money: These tiny speakers… Read More

  • Cy-Fi iPod Bicycle Speaker Announced

    Cy-Fi iPod Bicycle Speaker Announced

    This just does not seem like a good idea, but hey, to each his own. MyCyFi Inc. is betting its reputation that its Cy-Fi product will be a hit. It’s essentially a wireless speaker you strap on to your bike’s handlebars so you can listen to your iPod via a wireless transmitter. The speaker itself has all the standard iPod controls so you don’t have to fumble in your pocket to… Read More