• Thodio iBox Is A Cute And Customizable iPod Dock

    These cute little robot looking speakers are actually the Thodio iBox iPod speaker docks. The obscure looking docks offer several customizable features for your ideal setup. Read More

  • Magna's AcoustiVision Turns Rear-Windows Into Subwoofers

    A new technology called AcoustiVision hopes to put some Boom Boom Pow into your rear window. All car subwoofers rattle the entire car — rear window included — but Magna says their technology can use the rear window to make sound. AcoustiVision uses two exciters at the base of the window with power fed from amps in the trunk, which are said to boost a stereo signal from 12 to 200 volts. Read More

  • "Ultrasonic" Klang Speaker Concept Only Produces Sound Where Your Head Is

    I’m not quite sure I buy the physics behind these speakers entirely. The idea is that instead of simply vibrating a driver at the correct frequencies and projecting those vibrations out into the room, you use ultrasonic waves to vibrate only the air molecules along a path, and things outside of that path won’t hear the sound. Read More

  • Razer's Portable Ferox Speakers Shoot Sound In Every Direction

    A good pair of portable speakers is hard to find. Well, not that hard, but non-powered speakers that produce good sound and yet fit comfortably in a bag aren’t exactly littering the ground. Razer looks to remedy this with their Ferox sound system, a pair of egg-shaped speakers that open up at the top and provide “360 degree omni-directional acoustics.” We’ll forgive… Read More

  • Video: Super-Cute Hello Kitty iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

    Popular cartoon cat Hello Kitty is getting another gadget treatment. This time, it’s a super-cute speaker dock for the iPod or iPhone, offered by a Japanese company called CAV [JP]. The dock is an update to a very similar model CAV started offering in August. Read More

  • Review: Logitech Z515 Wireless Speaker System

    Short version: Simple, convenient, and sounds decent, but reception issues might limit its utility for you. Read More

  • Video: Super-Cute Dancing Hello Kitty Speaker

    We’ve blogged about many Hello Kitty gadgets in the past, i.e. Hello Kitty camcorders, music players, cell phones or even TVs. And today, Japan-based IDEA started listing a new gadget on its online store [JP]: the Dancing Hello Kitty Speaker. Not too surprisingly, the design is very, very cute. Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Two New Speaker Systems

    Pioneer announced two new speaker systems for DJs and music producers. Both systems are active reference, and product studio quality sound in a compact package. Expect to pay for this level of quality of course, the 5-inch DJ05 will set you back $899, and the 8-inch S-DJ08 will cost $1199 when they come out this January. Check out the press release after the jump. Read More

  • Focal Bird Speaker System Looks Nothing Like A Bird

    Audio Plus Services announced their Focal Bird 2.1 speaker system, combining a unified amplifier with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The Focal Bird system also uses a Focal Kleer wireless dongle, which allows you to stream audio from the iPod, iPhone, or iPad. There’s even a USB dongle available for streaming audio from your computer to the Focal Bird. Read More