• Grace Digital Audio Lets You Rock Out(side) Wirelessly

    Grace Digital Audio just launched their latest, a line of wireless, waterproof outdoor speakers designed to work with almost any MP3 player, mobile phone, stereo, computer or CD player. The portable base unit supports up to 10 speakers, with a range of over 150 feet. Read More

  • Review: Orb Home Theater Speakers

    Short version:
    While you may not have heard of this brand, if you are looking for a complete home theater setup or even stereo setup, complete with powered sub, for $1k or less, you will likely be impressed with Orb. Try them in your home for 30 days. Read More

  • Neckphones: Takara Tomy's Cute Travel Pillow Speakers

    Takara Tomy in Japan is offering what they say is the perfect companion for this summer: the Neckphones [JP], travel pillows (kind of) that feature an integrated speaker. The devices are waterproof, making them suitable for use in the bath tub, at the beach etc. (see picture above). Read More

  • CERAMICA: Japanese Designer Mini Speakers

    Japan-based accessory maker Momoyama is offering a range of ceramic mini speakers that come with an iPod cradle and in funny (stylish?) forms. Choose, for example, between a pig, a hippo, an apple or a cute elephant (more versions can be seen here [JP]). Read More

  • Logitech's New iPod Speakers Are Battery-Powered, Peanut-Shaped

    There isn’t too much to explain here. This is Logitech’s new iPod/iPhone dock and speakers — the main thing you need to know is that it has a rechargeable internal battery so you can take it to the beach and whatnot. It’ll go all day long — and all night strong. As long as that’s not more than eight hours. Comes with remote. It probably sounds good too, but… Read More

  • Logitech Z506: 5.1 audio for $99

    Logitch has a new 5.1 audio system that may interest you, particularly if you’re not looking to spend too much money. It’s the called the Z506, and it’ll only set you back $99. Throw in a couple of cheap stands and you’re good to go. Read More

  • Hands-on with Creative's ZiiSound D5 and D200 Bluetooth speakers

    I’ve been following Creative for so long I feel like they’re old friends to me. I’ve been impressed over the years with their MP3 player line but they, like so many audio manufacturers, have seen the writing on the wall and the future isn’t in making the MP3 players – it’s in making the stuff that works with MP3 players. To wit: here we present the Zii Sound… Read More

  • Murata develops world's first waterproof, ultra-thin piezoelectric speakers

    Kyoto-based Murata has developed the world’s first piezoelectric speaker that not only is waterproof but also ultra-thin (0.9mm). The devices are meant to be mainly used with mobile phones, which makes sense, given that almost 25% of the 50 latest cell phones released (on the Japanese market, at least) are actually waterproof. Read More

  • Bijoué: Audio Technica’s diamond-shaped speakers

    Audio-Technica today in Japan announced [JP] diamond-shaped portable speakers, dubbed Bijoué/AT-SPF30, which are especially geared towards female users. Technically, the speakers aren’t special: you’ll get 600mW/φ28mm full range speakers running on two AAA batteries for 33 hours continuously. Read More

  • New Pioneer speaker system can link to 2 iPods or iPhones

    Pioneer is about to release yet another iPhone-compatible speaker system. The company yesterday announced [JP] the XW-NAC1 in Japan, a speaker system that can connect to and alternately play music from two iPods or iPhones. The XW-NAC1 has two iPod/iPhone docks that charge these devices simultaneously. Read More

  • Review: Harman/Kardon HKTS 20BQ 5.1 speaker system

    Short version: Harman/Kardon makes great speakers, and this set is no exception. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive home-theater speaker system, you can definitely do much worse then the HKTS 20BQ. This is a complete 5.1 system in a box, and includes everything you need to get your system rocking. The speakers have great response throughout the range, and the 8 inch… Read More