• Sound Wing: Pioneer Announces Their First HVT Speaker

    In the fall of last year, Pioneer introduced the HVT (Horizontal-Vertical Transforming) technology [PDF, in English] during CEATEC 2010 in Tokyo. HVT makes it possible to “drastically reduce the thickness of speakers” and keep down unwanted vibrations – all without losing audio quality, according to Pioneer. Read More

  • Marshall Teases Us With A Nice Pair Of Cans

    Basically all we know about these upcoming Marshall headphones is that they’ll be available on November 15 and that they bear the name of the vaunted monitor cabinet and amp company, Marshall. If the image is any indication, they’re perfect for hipster graffiti artists. Read More

  • XMI Updates X-Mini Speakers

    The original X-Mini came out a few years back as one of the best sounding portable speakers available on the market, and they even won a red dot award to prove it. Crave reports that XMI‘s updated X-Mini 1.1 combines the portability of the original, with a feature previously found only in the X-Mini II product. Read More

  • Thanko's mouse has a built-in speaker

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko continues to amaze. The company today announced [JP] a mouse with an integrated speaker, believe it or not (Thanko already gave us the “mid-air” mouse, the USB cooler mouse, a heated mouse, and a liquid mouse). Read More

  • Orb releases a mini Speaker/Amp combo

    Orb, a small company in New York, makes odd-looking speakers with some great sound. They just announced a small speaker/amp combo for $299 which includes two speakers and an optional subwoofer. The handmade speakers come in multiple finishes (I have the copper here at the house, which I personally don’t think go with my rug) but the dark ones look nice. The super eight subwoofer, a… Read More

  • JVC's ultra-slim PC speaker for business use

    JVC in Japan today announced [JP] the NC-SP1, an ultra-slim active speaker that’s just 34mm thick and can be connected to your computer via USB. Marketed as a device that’s particularly suitable for presentations, it supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.4 machines and requires just one USB port. Read More

  • Portable speaker turns your iPhone into an electric guitar (sort of)

    Japan-based Bird Electron has announced [JP] the Ezison 100 today, a quite unusual speaker for the iPhone (or iPod touch) that’s supposed to turn those devices into some kind of electric guitar. The Ezison 100 is (hand)made in Japan, with Bird Electron saying they used mainly wood and acrylic fiber in the production process. Read More

  • iHeart: "Jewelry Box" speaker and dock for your iPhone/iPod

    This one is for the the ladies: A cute, heart-shaped active speaker box for the iPhone or iPod that doubles as a dock and also offers a mirror that pops up when you open it. Aptly named iHeart [JP], the “Jewelry Box Speaker” is the brain child of a Japanese company called Marubeni Infotec. Read More

  • Tube amplifier-shaped USB speaker

    Tube or valve amplifiers are electronic amplifiers that make use of vacuum tubes to boost the power of a signal. They’ve been around for decades, and some audio freaks still love the sound they help to produce. And they look kind of pretty, too. Reason enough for Hanwha Japan to come up with the US-0498 [JP], a PC speaker that looks like a tube amplifier (but isn’t one). Read More