• Xing waves adios to Spain… and Turkey

    Last night we received news of what today is now official: After three years in Spain, the European business social network Xing is waving goodbye and puling operations back to its German headquarters, which now becomes its sole base. The same applies in regard to Turkey. While at first glance the news may come as a surprise, many say that they saw it coming, with little activity generated… Read More

  • Court: PS3 Jailbreaking Now Legal In Spain

    Well look at that: it’s now legal to sell, advertise, and own any sort of PS3 Jailbreaking product in mighty Spain, the current European and world champions. A court in Barcelona made the decision, and it has much to do with Sony’s decision to eliminate the “Other OS” option of early PS3 firmwares, which allowed people to install Linux. Read More

  • Remembering the 2010 Fifa World Cup

    Spain now have a star on their shirt. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my limbs were numb and my mouth was dry during yesterday’s World Cup final. I was truly a hot mess. Moving on… It’s now time for all publications to run their World Cup retrospectives, and since we barely qualify as a publication it’s time for ours. Well, mine; nobody else on staff could name… Read More

  • Spain's David Villa: That second goal against Poland was something out of a video game

    Continuing with our (well, my) nearly non-stop World Cup coverage! Spain beat Poland yesterday 6-0 in Murcia. It was an awesome display, and an illustration of why Spain are the favorites to win the tournament. And yes, there is a tech connection~! That second goal, my word… Read More

  • EA Sports sez Spain will win the World Cup, USA crashes out in second round

    Another day, another EA Sports prediction, World Cup edition. According to the latest game, EA Sports FIFA World Cup 2010, MIGHTY SPAIN will win the tournament. That’s funny, because as I write this Spain can’t even score a goal against South Korea… Read More

  • It starts: Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas complains about Adidas Jabulani ball ahead of World Cup

    Right on cue, then. ‘Twas only a few days ago that I had mentioned the grand tradition of World Cup goalkeepers complaining about the ball used in the tournament, and we now have our very first complaints (at least I think it’s the first). Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who’s probably the best goalkeeper going into the tournament (it’s either him or Júlio César… Read More

  • Spanish readers: Interested in an iPad meet-up in Toledo and Madrid?

    I’m going to be in Spain next week and I’d like to plan a few meet-ups. I’ll be in Toledo and Madrid, and I thought we could meet at a bar, have a little Cava, and talk about the iPad. If you’re interested in meeting up, the estimated schedule will be: Toledo – April 25
    Madrid – April 27 Read More

  • Recycling may save, but trash can power your home

    If you live in Spain that is. University of Zaragoza researchers have been looking into using various forms of solid waste to generate electricity for the nation, up to as much as 7%. What is it lately with all this decaying matter being useful? Read More

  • Teambox for project management secures €140,000 funding

    [Spain] Teambox, a collaborative project management platform, is another Spanish home-grown initiative that aims to compete on an international scale, with the likes of Basecamp, incorporating a social, Yammer-like model. The startup has recently secured €140,000 in a small round through Keiretsu Forum Barcelona, a large international business angels network, mainly from Albert Feliu… Read More

  • Tuenti is #1 downloaded app in the Spanish iPhone App Store

    [Spain] We covered Tuenti, Spain’s leading youth social network, quite recently when they outnumbered Facebook and Google in pageviews in Spain. Today, Tuenti has done it again. Only 4 days after releasing their iPhone App, they’re #1 in the Spanish App Store with the company reporting 43,500 activations, and the app receiving an impressive 870 reviews. They climbed up to first… Read More

  • 11870 launches their sought after iPhone app

    Spanish startup 11870, a geo-localized content provider, has launched their iPhone app. 11870 is probably the most well known social restaurant directory and guide in Spain and competes locally with services like Qype. Though the general public associates the 11870 brand with restaurants, the company is evolving, from a Yelp-like restaurant guide to a lead generation platform for local small… Read More