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  • Korean Startup Accelerator SparkLabs Reveals Its Second Intake

    Korean Startup Accelerator SparkLabs Reveals Its Second Intake

    SparkLabs, the startup accelerator that wants to inject South Korea’s startup ecosystem with Silicon Valley expertise, announced its second intake today. Its latest class is an international lineup of companies that represent a variety of sectors and are at widely different stages of funding, from bootstrapped financing to those that have closed a Series A round. Read More

  • Yahoo Bids Farewell to South Korea, Completes Exit

    Yahoo Bids Farewell to South Korea, Completes Exit

    After 15 years, Yahoo completed its exit from South Korea today, reports Yonhap News Agency. This move also marks the first Asian market that Yahoo is leaving. Read More

  • Study: 61% of U.S. Households Now Have WiFi

    Study: 61% of U.S. Households Now Have WiFi

    In the U.S., 61% of all households currently have WiFi networks installed at home. According to data from Strategy Analytics, this means the U.S. is ahead of countries like Spain (57.1%), Mexico (31.5%) and India (2.5%). At the same time, though, this only puts the U.S. somewhere in the lower half of WiFi adoption among developed nations.┬áIn countries like South Korea (80.3%), the UK (73.3%)… Read More

  • Android Global: South Korea Second Only To U.S. In App Downloads

    Android Global: South Korea Second Only To U.S. In App Downloads

    Research firm research2guidance in conjunction with Android expert and developer network AndroidPIT this morning published a report that offers key findings from an analysis of mobile app trends in the Android Market. The first point is perhaps not so surprising: Although we think of Android as having significant global reach as a mobile operating system, the U.S. remains (by far) the… Read More

  • South Korea Promises Paperless Schools By 2015

    The death of print has long been on the minds of journalists, writers, bloggers, etc. For those of us who grew up reading our books on paper, asking for magazine subscriptions, and watching our dads read the paper (on paper) at the breakfast table, it’s hard to imagine a world without a book case, and the handful of novels we never got around to picking up yet. In South Korea, there seems… Read More

  • Sales Partly Suspended: South Korea Apparently Loves the iPad 2

    It looks like the iPad 2 is selling well in South Korea, too. According to a Reuters article from today, the device is actually flying off the shelves in the country (where it went on sale on April 29). Major Korean telcos SK Telecom and Korea Telecom at least had to suspend sales today even though they started offering the iPad 2 online less than a week ago. Read More

  • South Korea Braces Itself For More Suspicious DDoS Attacks

    Oh, look, Cyber War‘s in the news, that marketing gimmick that plenty of people have used to make a few dollars writing scary sounds books. Wonderful. Cynicism aside, the South Korean government has warned its citizens to “firm up their electronic defenses” as a result of a rash of distributed denial of service attacks. The attacks could have originated in any number of… Read More

  • South Korea Pledges $8.2 Billion For Offshore Wind Farms

    VC funding for cleantech startups tumbled in the third quarter, last week Vestas announced plans to layoff 3,000 employees, and on Wednesday, First Wind shelved IPO plans amid weak demand— the wind energy sector is certainly facing its share of headwinds but there are still signs of life. On Tuesday, the South Korean government announced that it will invest 9.2 trillion won, or $8.2… Read More

  • Apple Looking To Sell iPad In South Korea In November

    Having fully conquered the United States of America, forever changing the way our democracy works, Apple has now set its sights on South Korea. Apple has submitted its magical and wonderful device, the iPad, to the relevant authorities over there. It’s expected that approval will be granted (or denied) within five days. Read More

  • South Korea Goes Crazy Over The iPhone 4

    We can’t say we are surprised: it seems that the South Koreans can’t wait to lay their hands on the iPhone 4. The sole iPhone provider in that country, Korea Telecom (KT), says that its official website got jammed today as “tens of thousands of people” tried pre-ordering the phone in a matter of hours. Read More