South Africa

  • Google Launches TV White Spaces Trial In South Africa

    Google Launches TV White Spaces Trial In South Africa

    Google’s first trial to use the unused channels in the broadcast TV spectrum to provide wireless broadband access launched in 2010 in Logan, Ohio. Since then, Google has shown a lot of interest in this topic and today it is launching its second trial. This time it is in Cape Town, South Africa, where Google partnered with a number of local organizations to connect 10 schools to the… Read More

  • Vodafone and Canonical Release a Webbook in South Africa

    Vodafone and Canonical Release a Webbook in South Africa

    Vodaphone and Canonical today announced the Vodacom “Webbook”, the fruit of a joint effort to develop a low-cost mobile computing solution for South Africa. Most of the specs are about what you’d expect for such a device, with one extremely interesting twist: it’s powered by a Freescale IMX 51 processor (Cortex A8) CPU in order to lower cost and power consumption. Read More

  • Nike's giant LED screen in Johanesburg has people Tweeting support for their favorite World Cup stars

    Looks like Nike is up to quite a bit more in South Africa than making sure Landon Donovan (and the rest of Team USA) is well-dressed while taking first place in Group C. (Fingers crossed!) I just got word that the company has constructed the biggest interactive LED screen in the whole of Africa. It’s on the Life Centre skyscraper that’s in Johannesburg. Now, what would you want to… Read More

  • MXit: The South African Mobile Company You Should Know

    I’ve been to Africa three times in the last year, twice to Rwanda and last week to Cape Town. But people tell me I still haven’t seen “The Real Africa.” Rwanda—as I’ve written—has had a major rebuild after its horrific genocide some 15 years ago, and even in the poorest parts of the country boast far better access to water, power and technology… Read More

  • Cell-Lock Keeps Cellphones Safe During Class

    Cellphones really must be a problem in South Africa if they have to confiscate them and lock ’em up during class hours. Lots of classrooms are now using the Security Cell-Lock safe to hold iPods, cellphones, and other distracting personal electronics (Nintendo DS, PDA, etc.). Each safe is comprised of 25 individual units with an individual lock on each unit. Perfect for pissing off the… Read More