• $400 PS3 ships next month

    $400 PS3 ships next month

    We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a 40GB PS3 for $400 a few times, but now Sony is getting all official on us. Come November 2nd, you’ll be able to buy a Playstation 3 for the low price of $399. Need more storage? The 80GB version is taking a dive in price from $599 to $499. Slap another $100 down on a game and a Blu-ray flick and you’re good to go. It’d be nice if… Read More

  • Sony Bravia TVs to get Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

    Sony Bravia TVs to get Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

    Owners of Bravia HDTVs are getting a slew of Internet video channels if you have the Bravia Internet Video Link, which is a ‘small module’ that attaches itself to the back of the TV and is hooked up to the Web via Ethernet. Eight new channels will be offered including content from, Sony Pictures, CondéNet, and Sports Illustrated. The latter will offer this year’s… Read More

  • Playstation 3 EyeCreate Demos

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  • How would a $400 PS3 affect holiday sales?

    How would a $400 PS3 affect holiday sales?

    Sales of this, however, are expected to surge While a $400 PS3 still hasn’t officially been announced for North America yet, let’s assume it’s going to happen. Let’s also assume it happens in time for the holiday shopping season. Where would this put Sony, vis-a-vis Microsoft and Nintendo? According to several industry analysts, don’t expect Sony to rocket to the… Read More

  • Sony's 4X Blu-Ray Burner

    Sony's 4X Blu-Ray Burner

    The BWU-200S is a 4x BD-R/16xDVD+/-R burner for the average Joe. At about $600 it essentially democratizes the BD burning process to an impressive degree, enabling us all to create our own “backup disk” of media, movies, and amateur goat porn without having trek down to Ye Olde Blu-Ray Disk Burning Shoppe. The disks can hold up to 50GB of data or 230 minutes of 1080i vide. It… Read More

  • Sony DVDirect VRD-MC5 review

    Sony DVDirect VRD-MC5 review

    Is the medium really the message? First, I had a VHS camcorder, then an S-VHS camcorder and in the early nineties I did a lot of recording on the Hi-8 format. After that I went digital with DV tapes. All of those were messages, right? Messages from the past to the future. Deep stuff. So recently I stumbled across a box with some of my old tapes and I thought it would be cool to save them. Read More

  • 40GB PS3 won't do backwards compatibility in hardware, Sony doesn't want to deal with software emulation

    40GB PS3 won't do backwards compatibility in hardware, Sony doesn't want to deal with software emulation

    Now we are all sad clowns Yes, we now know the 40GB is as real as Opie’s sports curse, but there’s a catch: backwards compatibility has taken a hit. Wait, that’s putting it mildly: Sony couldn’t give a damn about backwards compatibility. The system, which will retail for around $400, lacks the PS2 circuitry that made emulation on earlier PS3 models effortless. Now… Read More

  • Crazy headphones aren't headphones at all

    Crazy headphones aren't headphones at all

    The Sony PFR-V1’s are actually two mini speakers which are said to mimic an extravagant audio setup. There’s a whole bunch of tech-specs which supposedly justify the $540 price but whatevs, at the end of the day these kinda ruin the premise of headphones. Last we checked headphones were meant for private listening. Not to mention you’ll look like a total douche rocking these… Read More

  • 40GB PS3 to hit Europe on October 10th

    40GB PS3 to hit Europe on October 10th

    If you’re American going into the bathroom and you’re American coming out of the bathroom, what are you while you’re in the bathroom? European. If you are, in fact, European, you’ll be delighted to know that in preparation for this holiday season, Sony has decided to grace you with the 40GB PS3’s presence and will let you buy it for EUR399, roughly $165 more than… Read More

  • Sony Bravia commercial: attack of the bunnies

    How do I miss these things when they happen in the city? Read More

  • SEGA Winter Wonderland Event

    SEGA Winter Wonderland Event

    Yesterday, I managed to muster enough strength to drag myself to SEGA’s Winter Wonderland event at the Royalton Hotel in Manhattan. Upon arriving at the Penthouse floor, I saw a few LCD screens setup, all with Xbox 360s or Nintendo Wiis – not one PS3. There were only seven to 10 games total to see and all the coolest ones were under embargo, so the event was pretty lame. Read More

  • Sony's New Slim PSP Is Selling Like Hotcakes

    Sony's New Slim PSP Is Selling Like Hotcakes

    And by hotcakes, I mean the iPhone. The company announced today that it has sold over 500,000 Playstation Portable units in Japan during the two weeks since its debut. Funny thing is, Sony has sold more PSP Slims in the past two weeks than it ever did with the original version of the system. I suppose the emerging pattern of “thinner is better” really applies to technology and… Read More

  • Toshiba announces 30-inch OLED TV by 2009

    Toshiba announces 30-inch OLED TV by 2009

    Toshiba isn’t about to let Sony get the upper hand in the television market. Yesterday, Sony announced an 11-inch OLED TV that is only 0.3-inches thick, has a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and costs $1745. Considered a huge leap in technology, now other companies are scrambling to get on the bandwagon. Toshiba is claiming that by 2009, a 30-inch OLED TV will be available for purchase, ready… Read More

  • Sony's OLED TV: Awful small

    Sony's OLED TV: Awful small

    Sony’s XEL-1 is pretty impressive. It’s only 27 inches wide and costs $1,500, so it’s not that impressive but if you want to be an early adopter and feel like your TV can get blown off the table with a strong gust of wind, this is your device. OLEDs use less power and are more eco-friendly than plasma or LCD screens. Does this mean you’ll have an OLED in your home… Read More

  • Sony Rolly: MP3-playing robot or glistening, ambulatory Aibo turd? This video of the Sony Rolly MP3 player sums up everything that is wrong with the former electronics giant — a lack of vision, the inability to produce products people want, and ham-handed attempts at fun that are quickly quashed by higher ups. Thats, said, just look at that little bastard roll! Read More

  • Sony announces updated Reader, eBook lovers around the world to meet in a phone booth to celebrate

    Sony announces updated Reader, eBook lovers around the world to meet in a phone booth to celebrate

    Call me Mr. Crazypants — it’s a Hungarian name, I think — but aren’t we done with eBook readers? I could see eBooks on the iPhone or eBooks on our laptops, but a standalone reader is just too esoteric and niche to really go far. I want this stuff to work but it’s just not in the cards. That said, Sony just announced their new Sony Reader. It will cost $300 and… Read More

  • SonyDrive surprise is…

    SonyDrive surprise is…

    This isn’t at all what I expected from Sony. Truth be told, I didn’t really think anything of it at the time, but the teaser from Sony has been revealed. It’s a 3mm OLED TV with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. The SonyDrive XEL-1 packs a quite a bit for an 11-incher. A 960×450 resolution, HDMI, USB, Ethernet, 45W power consumption, 2x1W speakers, a terrestrial digital… Read More

  • SonyDrive surprise?

    SonyDrive surprise?

    Umm…yeah. The SonyDrive site has a big secret, but I have no clue what it is. I don’t even have any witty guesses as to what it could be. What the f*ck is it?! Whoa. Sorry, folks. Coffee tends to make me fly off the handle. I have to stop looking at this or I’m liable to go crazy. Any guesses? SonyDrive Japan Read More

  • Review: Sony VGN-SZ650N/C thin and light notebook

    Review: Sony VGN-SZ650N/C thin and light notebook

    The VAIO SZ6 series is a relatively new addition to Sony’s notebook line. I picked up the VGN-SZ650N/C model, which features a 13.3" screen, carbon fiber casing, long battery life, dual graphics cards, and a hybrid hard drive with 256mb of built-in flash memory. Looks good so far, but how does it perform? Read More

  • The Console Wars glumbert – Console Wars Animated Hehehe. It’s all so true! Read More