• CrunchDeals: $399 PS3 with movie, game, HDMI cable

    Sure, you can get the 40GB PlayStation 3 console with free Spiderman Blu-ray movie for $399 just about anywhere but at Dell, you can get the same bundle PLUS Ratchet and Clank Future: TOD and an HDMI cable thrown in as well. This isn’t going to cause mass hysteria by any means but for anyone getting set to buy a PS3 to hook up to a nice shiny HDTV via HDMI, you might as well get some… Read More

  • Sony, I don't understand your commercials Does anyone understand this at all? What is Sony doing? Read More

  • New lighter PS2 consoles to hit Japan this month

    Sony’s set to launch a slimmed-down version of its 7-year old PlayStation 2 console in Japan on November 22nd. It’ll cost roughly $140 and weighs about a pound and a half thanks in part to the power cord that plugs directly into the unit, eliminating the clumsy brick apparatus. It’ll come in Charcoal Black, Ceramic White, or Satin Silver. Other than that, it’s a… Read More

  • New Sony UX model available, comes with nice extras

    Sony’s released a new model to its “Micro PC” line in the $2499 VGN-UX490N/C. Upgrades over the previous UX390 include a Core 2 Solo processor, 48GB SSD flash drive, the inclusion of an extended battery along with the standard battery, and a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Other features include 2-built in cameras, wireless WAN (EDGE), 1GB RAM (not expandable), and a 4.5-inch… Read More

  • Sony OLED HDTVs coming this year?

    Looks like Sony Electronics President Stan Glasgow hinted this morning that the OLED HDTVs that were announced a short time ago might make their way to US shores before the end of the year. Just in time for the holidays! Awesome. Not so fast, buckaroo. There’s a catch. There always is, isn’t there? The XEL-1 is going to have to tank in Japan for the US to have any chance at… Read More

  • Redesigned, cheaper PS2 due out in 2008?

    The PlayStation 2 is no doubt one of the most successful consoles in video game history. After recently celebrating its 7th birthday, the PS2 will now undergo yet another redesign in an effort to build-in the system’s power supply and continually trim the overall design down. In addition to a new design, the new PS2 is expected to take a price cut down to $99, making the system affordable… Read More

  • Sony to go *hog wild* for 40GB PS3 launch

    Sony releases the 40GB PS3 tomorrow. Who cares, right? Well Sony is poised to spend an insane amount of money getting the word out, with a marketing vice president calling it the “largest ever” hardware branding in SCEA’s history. Unlike last year’s, shall we say, underwhelming PS3 launch, where Sony trumpeted raw power over “fun,” this time around Sony… Read More

  • Popular Science's Low-light DSLR camera comparison

    I’m a fan of Canon DSLR cameras. When I’ve needed some really good-looking shots, they’ve never let me down. That’s why I was happy to see a 40D on this Popular Science list of the best low-light DSLR cameras, along with the Sony Alpha A700 and the Nikon D3. It’s not the most exhaustive list, but it smartly addresses the differences between the three cameras in… Read More

  • Pump up the power: Sony CyberShot DSC-T2

    Sony today released an update to its CyberShot line of cameras in the form of the T2. Unlike an Arnold Schwarzenegger flick though, the CyberShot DSC-T2 features the sliding lens cover that’s made Sony point-and-shoots so popular, as well as an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor with Carl Zeiss optics, 3x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD. What really makes the DSC-T2 worth the buck is definitely… Read More

  • Playstation 3 developers being begged to stay?

    Take note fellow gamers, as our beloved Sony Playstation 3 may not have as many stellar hits as the PS2 and PS1 had. Apparently Sony is actually begging third-party developers to stay on board and finish PS3 games despite the console’s lack of popularity. I highly agree with this statement from Dean Takahashi of Mercury News: “The argument is that the PS3 will show its strength… Read More

  • Pelican debuts PS3 Controller Charging Station

    Want your other controllers charged while you sit there, playing NBA Live ’08? Of course you do. So in a few weeks, you may want to give Pelican’s Controller Charging Station a whirl. In a modern, tiered design, this station can charge up to four PS3 controllers via mini USB. Only two can be held in midair though. There’s two USB ports on the side in case you want to charge… Read More

  • Sony introduces 80GB digital photo album

    Maybe I’m alone on this one, but does anyone actually sit there with a group of people, connecting a device to an HDTV so everyone can view photos on a 42-inch screen? Do feel free to let me know if you do. For those of you who are into that sort of thing, Sony has announced a device that is sure to keep you from sleeping at night until its release. The HDMS-S1D Digital Photo Album is… Read More

  • $400 PS3 ships next month

    We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a 40GB PS3 for $400 a few times, but now Sony is getting all official on us. Come November 2nd, you’ll be able to buy a Playstation 3 for the low price of $399. Need more storage? The 80GB version is taking a dive in price from $599 to $499. Slap another $100 down on a game and a Blu-ray flick and you’re good to go. It’d be nice if… Read More

  • Sony Bravia TVs to get Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

    Owners of Bravia HDTVs are getting a slew of Internet video channels if you have the Bravia Internet Video Link, which is a ‘small module’ that attaches itself to the back of the TV and is hooked up to the Web via Ethernet. Eight new channels will be offered including content from, Sony Pictures, CondéNet, and Sports Illustrated. The latter will offer this year’s… Read More

  • Playstation 3 EyeCreate Demos

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    Read More

  • How would a $400 PS3 affect holiday sales?

    Sales of this, however, are expected to surge While a $400 PS3 still hasn’t officially been announced for North America yet, let’s assume it’s going to happen. Let’s also assume it happens in time for the holiday shopping season. Where would this put Sony, vis-a-vis Microsoft and Nintendo? According to several industry analysts, don’t expect Sony to rocket to the… Read More

  • Sony's 4X Blu-Ray Burner

    The BWU-200S is a 4x BD-R/16xDVD+/-R burner for the average Joe. At about $600 it essentially democratizes the BD burning process to an impressive degree, enabling us all to create our own “backup disk” of media, movies, and amateur goat porn without having trek down to Ye Olde Blu-Ray Disk Burning Shoppe. The disks can hold up to 50GB of data or 230 minutes of 1080i vide. It… Read More

  • Sony DVDirect VRD-MC5 review

    Is the medium really the message? First, I had a VHS camcorder, then an S-VHS camcorder and in the early nineties I did a lot of recording on the Hi-8 format. After that I went digital with DV tapes. All of those were messages, right? Messages from the past to the future. Deep stuff. So recently I stumbled across a box with some of my old tapes and I thought it would be cool to save them. Read More

  • 40GB PS3 won't do backwards compatibility in hardware, Sony doesn't want to deal with software emulation

    Now we are all sad clowns Yes, we now know the 40GB is as real as Opie’s sports curse, but there’s a catch: backwards compatibility has taken a hit. Wait, that’s putting it mildly: Sony couldn’t give a damn about backwards compatibility. The system, which will retail for around $400, lacks the PS2 circuitry that made emulation on earlier PS3 models effortless. Now… Read More

  • Crazy headphones aren't headphones at all

    The Sony PFR-V1’s are actually two mini speakers which are said to mimic an extravagant audio setup. There’s a whole bunch of tech-specs which supposedly justify the $540 price but whatevs, at the end of the day these kinda ruin the premise of headphones. Last we checked headphones were meant for private listening. Not to mention you’ll look like a total douche rocking these… Read More