• Web Music Playlist Creator Musicplayr Grabs €500,000 In Seed Funding, Launches To Public

    Web Music Playlist Creator Musicplayr Grabs €500,000 In Seed Funding, Launches To Public

    Berlin-based music startup Musicplayr, which offers a service that allows users to collect and listen to songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, DailyMotion and music blogs, is now exiting its private beta period, and opening up to all users worldwide, including those in the U.S. The company is also announcing a €500,000 seed investment led by Lars Langusch of Holzbrink Ventures. Read More

  • iTunes Rival Rdio Launches Gift Cards, Available Online And At Target

    iTunes Rival Rdio Launches Gift Cards, Available Online And At Target

    Streaming music service Rdio from Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, is today launching two new music gifting options – physical gift cards and online credits. Consumers will be able to purchase the virtual gift card options in $10, $25, $50 and $100 values or in user-selected amounts. Meanwhile, physical cards in the $10 and $25 values will be sold in over 600 Target… Read More

  • musiXmatch, An IMDB For Legal Song Lyrics, Raises $3.7 Million To Expand Globally

    European music startup musiXmatch will be announcing today at the MusicTech Summit in San Francisco that it has closed a $3.7 million series A funding round for its digital lyrics platform. The round was led by Italian investor Francesco Micheli Associates. musiXmatch adds to the prior $700K it has raised in seed funding from both Francesco Micheli and a former Dada executive. Lyrics are one… Read More

  • Wow: Bottles, an RC car, and the Super Mario theme

    If you’re reading this from the office and you can’t view YouTube videos, you should consider going home on your lunch break to watch this. I’ve seen some cool shit before, but this is some of the coolest shit that ever shat. Nice work, whoever you are. via Geekologie Read More

  • This week's Rock Band downloads: Thrash!

    [photopress:AtTheGateGroup.jpg,full,center] I love Rock Band and I love that they keep releasing songs for it. However, lately they’ve sucked. Last week was pretty bad, and the week before that was all Grateful Dead. I hate the Grateful Dead. This week’s a little better, as Harmonix has announced the Earache Thrash Pack, a three-pack including Blinded by Fear by At the Gates… Read More

  • Dead iPod song

    A song about dead iPods featuring iJustine, who is apparently some sort of “elebrity.” Remember the folded card trick, kids. Don’t listen to these fools. Read More

  • Midomi: Better than TrackID

    I’m incapable of reciting song lyrics or quote movies. If my life depended on it then I’d no longer be here. I can’t even quote a single line from a movie that I’ve seen over a hundred times like Karate Kid or Harold & Kumar. I’m even worse with songs. I’m the guy that hums along and pipes in sporadically with a line or two. But I can hum the shit out of… Read More

  • Contest: E-mail me and win today's free Starbucks-iTunes song [Update]

    Who wants to win today’s free Starbucks-iTunes song, “Night of the Iguana” by Joni Mitchell? It’ll save you a trip to your local Starbucks and the $14.80 it costs for a small coffee. Very easy—first person to e-mail me at nicholas at crunchgear dot com (I don’t want spam lol!) gets the secret download code. I go to Starbucks pretty much every day around 7 or… Read More

  • Apple iTunes Sales Top 3 Billion Songs

    Back in the day, Apple hit 1 billion songs sold on iTunes and the world exploded in celebration. Well not really, but the mood of the occasion was very jovial all around. Now Apple has gone the distance and has sold over 3 billion songs on iTunes. That doesn’t even include videos or games! Looks like Jobs & Co. has many more years of insane profits headed its way. Apple says iTunes… Read More