• Songkick Raises $2 Million To Help People Track, Catalog Live Music

    Songkick is in the process of raising $2 million, an SEC filing reveals. Songkick indexes a host of ticket vendors, venue websites as well as local newspapers to create a database of concerts happening around the world. This provides people with a centralized way of keeping track of live performances by their favorite bands and artists. In addition, Songkick is trying to build an extensive… Read More

  • Songkick gets a boot up its traffic, as Yahoo integrates its gig listings API

    Recently Yahoo attempted to bring the search fight back to Google Instant and Bing’s guided search by packaging up searches related to music, movies, or news, into a box with vertical tabs along the side. This is similar to Google’s Universal Search Onebox and the Bing Box. The organic results are from Bing (of course), but this works best when Yahoo is able to bring in very… Read More

  • Songkick lays its claim on the music events crown

    Songkick said last year that they wanted to become the largest global database of concerts in the world. It looks like they may have got there already. Their latest figures say the site now carries information on 100,000 upcoming music events, with over 2,500 added daily from about 80 sources. These include Ticketmaster down to small local listings papers, as well as by the Songkick user… Read More

  • Songkick Integrates Twitter To Make Gig Reviews Realtime

    Hot London-based live music startup Songkick launches a new feature today allowing users to share their experiences of gigs. Users can now connect their Songkick account to their Twitter account and auto-tweet any gigs they plan to go to. That’s not that big a deal. What is pretty interesting however is how they’ve integrated Twitter to bring a realtime stream to their service. When… Read More

  • Songkick Aims To Make A Database Of Every Concert Ever — And It's Well On Its Way

    When Songkick was born in 2007, it had an interesting goal: To perfect concert recommendation. Plenty of services do music recommendation, but the idea of recommending concerts you might like based on things like music you’re interested in and you location, was an interesting one. Now, with a few others in the space, including the similarly named Livekick, Songkick is embarking on a new… Read More

  • Who's The Hottest Band On The Internet? Coldplay, Says BBC SoundIndex

    The BBC has been testing a new service called SoundIndex, which lists the top 1,000 artists based on discussions crawled from Bebo,, Google Groups, iTunes, MySpace and YouTube. The top five bands according to SoundIndex right now are Coldplay, Rihanna, The Ting Tings, Duffy and Mariah Carey , but the index is refreshed every six hours. This is somewhat similar to Songkick’s… Read More

  • Forget the Movie, Go To A Concert

    As music CD sales plummet and the long term price of recorded music trends towards free, live music will evolve from being a way to market new album releases to quite possibly the primary income stream for most artists – even the big ones. That’s why services like iLike, which determine your favorite music based on your iTunes listening habits and then tell you about upcoming… Read More

  • Songkick Launches "Alexa For Bands"

    London based Songkick, a Y Combinator startup that launched in October 2007, aims to help music artists pack fans into concerts. They’ve been developing a number of new products that are slated for launch soon. But one that they quietly launched last week without much fanfare is something they refer to simply as “Battle of the Bands.” It’s a sort of Alexa or Compete… Read More

  • Songkick: Live Music Lovers Will Love This

    Music lovers may be show a reluctance to pay for their tunes, but they’re turning up in droves for live shows — at least according to the latest box office numbers posted by eMarketer. Concert ticket sales are expected to $9 billion worldwide this year, up nearly 10% over 2006. Freshly launched Songkick is a startup looking to capitalize on that growing market by providing a simple… Read More