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  • Creating A “SEA” Change In The Digital Age Crunch Network

    Creating A “SEA” Change In The Digital Age

    A popular anecdote states that Henry Ford paid his assembly line workers a good wage so they could afford to buy their own company’s cars. Although the reasoning for this decision has been questioned, there is no doubt that this move helped establish and sustain the American middle class through its 20th century heyday. A century later, the employment landscape has changed. The… Read More

  • On Secretly Terrible (Old) Engineers

    On Secretly Terrible (Old) Engineers

    Last week, I wrote a column on the deep fear held by many in the startup ecosystem of hiring a “Secretly Terrible Engineer.” I argued that for a variety of cultural reasons, software engineering has developed an elaborate interview system to ensure that these STEs – who seem practically mythical in reality – are caught before they can do any damage. I also heaped scorn… Read More

  • On Secretly Terrible Engineers

    On Secretly Terrible Engineers

    They lurk, unnoticed in the great halls of engineering that are the office strips along Highway 101. “Programmers” not programmers, people who have cheated, stolen, and lied their way through engineering careers without anyone realizing they can’t code. They are among us, incompetent Cylons secretly plotting to undermine us at a crucial time. Secretly terrible engineers… Read More

  • Facebook R&D Goes Global: Opens Engineering Office In London, Its First Outside The U.S.

    Facebook R&D Goes Global: Opens Engineering Office In London, Its First Outside The U.S.

    With the majority of Facebook’s 1 billion users, and subscriber growth, now coming from outside the U.S., the company is taking ever more steps to building out its global footprint to reach that audience. To that end, today Facebook opened up an engineering center in London, its first outside of the U.S. and is now hiring for people to staff it, following through on an announcement it… Read More