• Socialcam's 'Instagram for Video' Is Now On The Web, Too

    Socialcam's 'Instagram for Video' Is Now On The Web, Too

    Socialcam, the video sharing app that was created by, is quickly fleshing out its feature set.  The app — which is a lot like an ‘Instagram for video’, minus the effects filters — launched just in time for SXSW and had 250,000 downloads in its first month (the total download number is significantly higher than that, though they aren’t releasing… Read More

  • Socialcam 2.0 Lands on The iPhone

    Socialcam 2.0 Lands on The iPhone

    Back in Feburary we took an in-depth look at Socialcam, the mobile video app for iPhone and Android that was built by The app is easiest to describe as an ‘Instagram for video’ — fire it up and you’ll see a stream of videos recently recorded by your friends. And when you record a video, it’s very easy to quickly tag your friends using Facebook… Read More

  • Mobile Messaging March Madness

    On Thursday, I used Yobongo all day, which helped me find a new lunch spot, run into an old friend, and meet a Yobongo co-founder. That afternoon, I thought it would be a good time to write about the new group and mobile messaging wars for TechCrunch. A few hours later, Color Labs launched, to put it mildly. And, as I was editing this post on Friday night, Disco appeared, the new… Read More

  • Socialcam: A Look At's Upcoming 'Instagram for Video'

    Socialcam: A Look At's Upcoming 'Instagram for Video'

    Between the likes of picplz and Instagram, image-sharing sites are making plenty of headlines these days. And there’s one obvious offshoot that seems ripe for similar services: video. Granted, Path offers support for video, but it’s semi-private and there could still be an opportunity for a more public service to tap into this trend.That’s where’s upcoming… Read More