• Entrepreneur First Demo Day: Meet The Nine Startups That Presented (And Read Our Take)

    Entrepreneur First Demo Day: Meet The Nine Startups That Presented (And Read Our Take)

    Yesterday afternoon I attended London-based Entrepreneur First‘s fourth Demo Day. EF isn’t an accelerator, co-founder Matt Clifford was at pains to out. Instead, the self-described “talent first” investor sources the best technical talent from across Europe — typically straight out of university but also working at existing tech companies — before they have… Read More

  • Microsoft Officially Retires Soapbox, The Poor Man's YouTube

    Microsoft’s YouTube clone Soapbox is officially shutting its doors, according to reports today. Soapbox, which was launched in 2006 as a hub for downloading and sharing user-generated videos, was never able to be a viable competitor to YouTube. MSN corporate vice president and chief media and technology officer, Erik Jorgensen, said that Soapbox delivers less than 5 percent of the… Read More

  • Microsoft's Soapbox Joins YouTube, Google Video

    According to a Microsoft employee’s blog, Microsoft’s YouTube competitor, Soapbox, may just be launching today. The service, added to Microsoft’s Live initiative, is an internet video offering that lets users upload 100MB files in various formats. One difference between this and YouTube is that Soapbox will autodetect your browser, and if you’re using IE, it will… Read More

  • Microsoft SoapBox Just Launched

    The best way to hear about new Microsoft product launches these days is to read their employees’ blogs. First we had Stuart Padley’s quickly deleted blog post with some additional information about the upcoming Microsoft Live Drive. Tonight we hear that Soapbox, a YouTube-like user uploaded video product that we first heard about two weeks ago, may launch as soon as tomorrow. The… Read More

  • Microsoft YouTube Clone Coming

    Microsoft’s new YouTube competitor will be all about user generated videos if its name, Soapbox, is any indication (Hunterstrat calls it “personal whine”). There aren’t many details yet, but LiveSide is saying this will be a MSN, not product, and will eventually be launched at The feature set includes: Upload videos in almost any… Read More