• Why The Apple Watch Doesn’t Need More Than A Few Hours Of Active Use Time

    Why The Apple Watch Doesn’t Need More Than A Few Hours Of Active Use Time

    Apple’s upcoming wearable still prompts a lot of questions, not least of which is how long it will last on a full charge of its battery. A new report form 9to5Mac suggests that Apple is looking at a smartwatch that will offer 2.5 hours of continuous use for processor-intensive applications like games, 3.5 hours for continuous use of standard apps and 4 hours of active fitness tracking in… Read More

  • HTC’s First Smartwatch To Launch Alongside The One M9 In March

    HTC’s First Smartwatch To Launch Alongside The One M9 In March

    HTC is said to be prepping a smartwatch for debut in March at MWC alongside its new One M9 flagship smartphone. The new smartwatch will tap into Under Armour’s fitness tracking software service, according to Bloomberg, but little else is known at this time about its design or features. The M9, however, is said to remember the M8 in terms of sign and looks, but will also feature… Read More

  • Sony SmartWatch 3 Review

    Sony SmartWatch 3 Review

    Sony’s new Android Wear-powered SmartWatch 3 bucks a trend of the company releasing devices that use their own wearable platform, opting instead to jump on the bandwagon that includes a host of other Android wearable OEMs. It ends up being a big benefit, when you compare this device against previous SmartWatch models, which have proven overwhelmingly uninspiring. Basics 1.6″… Read More

  • Asus ZenWatch Review

    Asus ZenWatch Review

    Asus has entered the Android Wear fray, with a smartwatch that features a bold design, even though it opts for a rectangular face, and materials and looks that might make it the closest we’ve seen yet from the Android camp to resembling an Apple Watch. The ZenWatch is by no means a clone, however, and it very much manages to stand out from the Wear flock, too. Asus has crafted one of… Read More

  • Beauty And The Geak

    The Geak Watch II might have an ugly name but it is one of the most “watch-like” smartwatches I’ve seen in a while. Clad in chromed metal and featuring a dual e-ink/LCD display, the piece supposedly lasts for five days on a charge and can connect with your Android or iOS device. It recently hit $700,000 in funding on crowdfunding site Pozible and will ship in the next few months. Read More

  • LG G Watch R Review

    LG G Watch R Review

    The G Watch R is LG’s second Android Wear smartwatch, which is impressive given that the platform has only been available to the general public for about half a year, and other big Android OEMs haven’t yet shipped a first device. The original G Watch felt very much like the wearable hardware equivalent of a “FIRST” Internet comment, however, delivering little in the way… Read More

  • Jumpy Is An Open-Platform Smartwatch Just For Kids

    Jumpy Is An Open-Platform Smartwatch Just For Kids

    A Taipei-based hardware startup called JoyRay wants to create a smartwatch for kids that won’t end up abandoned like the Velveteen Rabbit. Founder and CEO Jerry Chang, who was division head of Foxconn’s smartphone business before leaving last December, believes the key to creating a kids’ smartwatch with enduring appeal is to make it open platform and release new apps… Read More

  • Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

    The Samsung Gear S Is A Smartphone On Your Wrist

    Announced back in September, the Samsung Gear S is the South Korean electronics company’s sixth attempt at making a smartwatch. It’s got the specs of a mid-range phone from a few years back and runs Tizen, Samsung’s own operating system. Read More

  • FiLIP 2, A Smartwatch For Kids, Arrives Today At AT&T For $100

    FiLIP 2, A Smartwatch For Kids, Arrives Today At AT&T For $100

    Will Santa stuff children’s stockings with smartwatches this holiday season? That’s the hope for Filip Technologies which is today launching its FiLIP 2 smartwatch for kids at AT&T stores and online at for the discounted launch price of $99.99. The watch, which is essentially a small smartphone strapped to the wrist, is one of the first “wearables” aimed at… Read More

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