• Where are the smartphones for seniors?

    A TC/CG reader Teresa asks we, the gadget-nation, a question: where are the good smartphones for seniors? Sure, they have ClarityLife and the Jitterbug but neither of those work as real smartphones. Teresa wants something with a little power. She writes: I am one of the 22% of seniors (39 million) that have a laptop, cell phone, etc.
    Most seniors are barely online and not often.  They… Read More

  • Samsung OMNIA reviewed

    Dave at MobilityToday rocked out with the Samsung Ominia, a WinMo 6.1 smartphone straight out of Hong Kong. He does a full video review so I won’t spoil it for you but it’s a rare bird and there’s no pricing and availablity for the USA. Read More

  • Palm is feeling optimistic after a pretty decent quarter

    Not the most exciting of news, but it’s still good to hear: Palm is doing all right. They’ve sold nearly a million units this quarter, doubtless driven by the tiny, cheap, but feature-rich and popular Centro. Revenue was a healthy $300 million, though smartphones are becoming such a huge market that that number should probably be bigger. Still, with stiff competition from… Read More

  • Experts: Smartphones a Greater Security Risk than Laptops

    According to survey of 300 senior IT staff, smart phones pose more of a threat to business security than laptops, largely due to user mentality; for one reason or another, many smart phones just don’t seem to be getting the protection their lap dwelling counterparts might. While 4 out of 10 (that’s it?) IT guys were encrypting the crucial stuff on company laptops, 9 out of 10… Read More

  • Mio embeds GPS in digital cameras now

    Oh let’s just embed GPS in every little thing from now on. Mio, known for its stand-alone GPS navigation devices, will debut two smartphones at a trade show in Taiwan this week. (Think of that Garmin phone from a few months back.) Surprise, they have built-in GPS! Even more interesting, perhaps, will be a digital camera with built-in GPS. Why, if it’s more interesting, it… Read More

  • PDA devices temporarily banned from UK theme park, public displays of affection are still legal

    I’m not familiar with the Alton Towers Resort theme park, but if this little kid dressed as a cop says that PDAs aren’t allowed for the next week, then I’ll be damned if I’m going to argue. The park is enforcing the no PDA rule from today, the 25th, until next Sunday, June 1st, in order to “encourage parents to disconnect from the office and reconnect fully with… Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia's E71 to drop Thursday

    Nokia’s E71 is a big mystery, like my love life: we know it exists, but it hasn’t surfaced yet, and we know it’s coming, we just don’t know when. That being said, rumors are now pointing towards both happening on May 8, just two days away. This is a high-end smartphone with ultra-high-end features, like an autofocus camera, super-fast 3G data, GPS, and WiFi, all in… Read More

  • RedFly smartphone companion pre-orders begin

    If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the $500 RedFly mobile companion to be released, your wait is almost over. Redfly’s taking preorders for the device. If you’re an IT manager or you’ve got super deep pockets, you can even order a five- or -ten-pack for $2,495 or $4,990, respectively. Though the device might not appeal to everyone, I spoke with… Read More

  • CrackBerry: Ten reasons the iPhone isn't a Blackberry

    Blackberry users, like our own Peter Ha, are a crazy, insane, disturbed, deranged, and unbalanced set of psychos. They love their wittle-bitty smartphones to death, literally. My downstairs neighbor just retired his third in a year. And you know they hate the iPhone. So much, that the people at came up with ten reasons why the iPhone isn’t the Blackberry. Curiously absent… Read More

  • Should RIM bother to target BlackBerry at consumers?

    RIM may have a bit of a problem on its hands, says today’s New York Times. The BlackBerry manufacturer, it seems, doesn’t know which segment of the smartphone market to cater to: the Wall Street crowd or the everyday consumer, both of which have very different demands from each other. While the typical business executive couldn’t give a damn if his or her BlackBerry comes… Read More

  • Smartphones out of stock across the country as new models get ready to launch

    If you’re in the market for a smartphone, you might want to snatch one up today if you can, but then you might not even be able to find one. RIM, Palm, and Apple are short on supply of their handsets, and many retailers are feeling the effects of the empty shelves. We’d heard rumors that one such smartphone, the Sprint 755p from Palm, had been brought to end of life and there would… Read More

  • Palm sells one million Centros

    That Centro smartphone from Palm? The one now in Obsidian Black? The one I told you about this weekend that you could pick up for a measly $39 on sale at Best Buy? They just sold a million of them. That’s one million people in America walking around with the small yet powerful devices for AT&T or Sprint. I’ve been a fan of the Centro since it was leaked. I said it was the… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Five cool devices running embedded Linux that you aren't using

    [photopress:five1.jpg,full,center] As previously mentioned in this week’s Orientation, Linux is not limited to just desktops. It’s far reaching, actually. Not that you’d have a Terminal app on it or anything, but you could. Some of you may have a mobile phone running Linux and you probably don’t even know it. The most popular phone in the world runs Unix. Read More

  • Review: Samsung Ace SPH-i325 for Sprint

    Not long ago, my good friend and distinguished colleague Peter Ha lamented that CDMA phones were relatively useless outside of the US because of their inability to roam on European networks. Well CDMA providers like Sprint and Verizon recognize this as a legitimate disadvantage and, as such, are beginning to offer phones that work on networks here but also contain slots for SIM cards… Read More

  • Dell looks to be eyeing handhelds and smartphones

    According to a DigiTimes article, Dell “may team up with Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) to develop Windows Mobile-based handheld devices.” The company hired Ron Garriques away from Motorola last year, which led many to speculate that something like this was in the works. It’s thought that Dell’s been ramping up for a stronger push into the mobile… Read More

  • Sony Ericssons with WinMo on the way

    [photopress:winmose.jpg,full,left]Sony Ericsson is going to start making Windows Mobile phones, according to Redmond. This is an odd move, as SE is a member of the Symbian group, and has relied on the Symbian OS for its phones for years. This is bad news for the American market as Symbian has always been a reasonable alternative to WinMo, but this could be the first nail in the OS… Read More

  • NetFront browser for Windows Mobile lands

    [photopress:netfront_pocketpc.gif,full,right]Access, the owners of the Palm OS, are apparently porting the 3.5 version of the NetFront browser to Windows Mobile. NetFront is the basis of Palm’s Blazer browser, a perfectly workable way to get on the Web. It’s better than Pocket Internet Explorer, so WinMo users might want to consider the option. Access Offers NetFront Browser… Read More

  • Europe getting Centro on February 14

    [photopress:gallery1_sprint_black.jpg,full,center] Europe, Palm’s got a Valentine’s day gift for you. It’s a Centro! The GSM-flavored device will be available from unknown carriers on the 14. Specs are just like the Sprint version we have here, so it’ll be inexpensive and easy to use, as well as quite popular. Centro [Euro Palm] Read More

  • WMG to integrate wireless charging in their smartphones

    That’s cool. Wireless Mobile Group will be putting SlashPower wireless power modules in their smartphones so you can just lay the sucker on a pad and get charged on up. Now if we could standardize these things so all our phones used the same charge station, as well as iPods, rechargeable AAs, etc, that would eliminate a lot of cabling from my apartment. One mouse-pad sized station… Read More