• Hitachi To Offer Super-Advanced Smartphone LCD Display

    Hitachi subsidiary Hitachi Displays yesterday announced [JP] that it has developed a new LCD display for smartphones whose quality reaches the “limit of what is discernible to the human eye”. And a look at the spec sheet reveals that big H is indeed prepping quite a display. Read More

  • Smartphones Top Handset Sales In Japan, Galaxy S Is No. 1

    Things are slowly changing in Japan, land of the super-advanced feature phones (which have always been smartphones in disguise as far as features are concerned). Market research firm Gfk Japan [JP] is reporting that no less than seven of the top 10 handsets sold in the country between January 10 and 16 were smartphones. Read More

  • Coming Soon: Smartphones With 16MP Cameras

    If you look at the batches of new cell phones Japan’s leading mobile carriers have been presenting in recent months, you’ll notice the high-quality cameras some of the models have. And now major Japanese chip maker Renesas (which merged with NEC last year) is even promising [JP] 16MP cameras in future handsets. Read More

  • Video: Smartphone Test Robot Simulates Countless Flicking And Tapping

    Tokyo-based Japan Novel Corp. is offering a robot that can simulate the process of flicking and tapping on a smartphone touch screen over and over again. Dubbed Quality Commander [JP], the machine can be programmed so that it touches the display of smartphones and perform said movements in lieu of a human. Read More

  • NEC Casio Mobile To Jump On The Android Bandwagon, Too

    Call it typical herd behavior: yesterday, we reported that both Sharp and Panasonic are preparing Android-based smartphones (to be sold in Japan and worldwide), and today we see another major Japanese cell phone maker jumping on the Android bandwagon. Read More

  • Sharp And Panasonic Finally Ready To Sell Smartphones Worldwide

    To say Japanese cell phone manufacturers are late in jumping on the smartphone bandwagon would be an understatement. In Japan, the iPhone eats their lunch, and internationally, things look even worse. In fact, Sharp, Panasonic, Kyocera, Hitachi and other makers have basically stopped selling phones of any kind outside Japan years ago. But now two of the biggest players in Japan, namely Sharp… Read More

  • Report: iPhone Commands 60% Of Japan's Smartphone Market, 7% Overall

    The iPhone continues to be big in Japan, the world’s most advanced and competitive mobile nation. We reported in April this year, that the Apple handset commanded a 72.2% market share in the smartphone segment in 2009, capturing 4.9% of the entire Japanese cell phone market. Read More

  • Japan's KDDI Rolls Out New Smartphones And Designer Phones

    Japan’s second biggest mobile carrier KDDI has just announced its cell phone line-up for the coming winter and spring. The company unveiled no less than 19 new handsets today: three smartphones, 14 feature phones and another two “designer phones”, which will be marketed under KDDI’s sub brand iida. Here are all the main specs for the new smartphones and iida handsets… Read More

  • Angry Birds and Nokia's Perception Problem

    Today Nokia announced the availability of Angry Birds on the Ovi Store for Symbian. That Nokia saw this as news worth recounting is one thing. After all, the game made its bones on the iPhone and is only available on Ovi, iTunes, and the Palm Store. Heck: it’s the #1 game in Moldova and the only thing I know about Moldova is that they make nice wine. What’s more, Nokia… Read More

  • Sharp To Launch Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone By Year-End – Globally

    The 3D craze continues to find its way into the cell phone market. Sharp has today announced plans to launch a smartphone that features both the 3D screen (pictured) and the 3D camera the company unveiled earlier this year. While this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, a Sharp representative today stressed the phone will be available by year end – globally. Read More

  • New market study shows iPhone continues to be big in Japan

    A lot has been written on how the iPhone performs in Japan, the world’s most advanced mobile nation, but the general consensus in this country now is that it sells very well (even though both Apple and provider SoftBank Mobile refuse to break down Japan-specific sales numbers). It’s rumored that the number of iPhones sold in Japan has passed 3 million. There are reasons for… Read More

  • Traveling with batteries and ordering gadgets online could soon get pricey

    Here are two totally unrelated things I like to do: order gadgets and smartphones online, and travel with loads of spare batteries. Well, perhaps they’re not all that unrelated. Both offer a lot of convenience and save a good amount of cash, but with a new proposal from the U.S. Department of Transportation, that could all soon change. Read More

  • PDA Cufflinks make you a Smartphone dressed man

    Any one out there still wear shirts that use cufflinks? Yes? Well what do I know, as a blogger I rarely put pants on, much less wear a shirt with a collar or anything that needs cufflinks. If you dress better then me, you’re probably going to want to check these out – smartphone cufflinks for the sharply dressed geek. Read More

  • Gift Guide 2009: Smartphones

    [tab:Intro][flagallery gid=5 name=”CrunchGear Gift Guide 2009″] Buying someone else a phone is risky business. Preferences vary, you’ve gotta get their carrier right… it’s a tough game. But if you’re down to make a gamble, we’re here to help. I’ve spent more time playing with new phones in the last year than anyone should ever spend with any… Read More

  • Smartphones to overtake non-smarties in 2015

    Really? Who could have guessed? I’m not an official big-shot analyst by any stretch, but I’m pretty sure that I could have made the same conclusion, as could anyone who knows anything about technology trends (like spoiled teenagers). But alas, an actual organization, Telecom Trends International (who?), has just released a report saying that smartphones will indeed overtake… Read More

  • Intel and Nokia strike mobile CPU deal, details pending

    Looks like Intel is about to break into the mobile phone arena in a big way. According to Bloomberg, Intel and Nokia have struck a deal to include Intel CPUs in future Nokia handsets. Read More

  • Me on TechVi harshing on the Pre I actually didn’t know I would be on the screen the whole time. But thanks to Randall for the opportunity! Read More

  • The philosophy of netbooks

    Back in the olden days I used to read Joey Devilla’s blog all the time. He was – and is – known as Accordion Guy and he produced consistently cool content. Well, I just stumbled on him again and found that he’s doing great, philosophical posts on tech. Take his examination of netbooks vs. smartphones, for example. He compares netbooks and smartphones to two brands of… Read More

  • Microsoft patents ‘periperhal management system’ for smartphones

    Microsoft has a patent floating around for “a universal smart interface and peripheral management system for portable devices such as mobile phones.” You’d dock your phone into this thing, which would connect to a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and just about anything else that could be plugged into it – even your TV. Read More

  • Nokia E63 up for pre-order on Amazon for $499

    The Nokia E63 has surfaced on for a pre-order price of $499, unlocked. You’ll remember the E63 as the tie-loosened, top-button-unbuttoned little brother to the more polished, business-oriented Nokia E71. Read More