• Back to School: In-ear 'phones

    Back to School: In-ear 'phones

    I think it’s safe to say that 90 percent of you Collegians have iPods and 100 percent of you probably use those eardrum-popping white earbuds. Get rid of those immediately because I doubt you’ll want to trade them in for hearing aids in a few years. As I’ve said in the past, in-ears are where it’s at, so you better jump on the wagon. And we’re not going to recommend… Read More

  • Shure goes after mobile device market with six new headsets

    Shure goes after mobile device market with six new headsets

    In my honest opinion there are way too many companies catering to Apple and it’s stupid iPhone. I really, really can’t stand this so-called phone. It’s constantly crashing and sucks as a phone. I can’t wait for the new BlackBerry Bold and/or the T-Mobile G1. Anyway, Shure announced an entry-level sound isolating music listening device today aimed at iPhone users. The… Read More

  • Sound Opinion: Headphone Showdown

    Sound Opinion: Headphone Showdown

    Given the widespread use of iPods and other portable music players it would seem that headphones are mostly used so as not to disturb others. And while that is one purpose for these direct to your ear mini speakers, headphones can just as easily be used to block the ambient noise around you, and more importantly to provide rich full quality audio when large speakers are unavailable. Of course… Read More

  • Shure's Direct Injection Headphones

    Shure's Direct Injection Headphones

    Just in time for Easter, Shure just dropped a bombshell on headphone lovers everywhere by introducing the industry’s first direct-injection headphones. They promise to beat the hell out of regular old canalphones, thanks to a tiny tube sticking out from the end of the earphone that actually rests directly against your eardrum. But don’t worry, it’s only 70 percent as dangerous as… Read More

  • Help Key: Home Recording, Part II

    Help Key: Home Recording, Part II

    I live in a neighborhood of burgeoning artists and musicians, and an endless stream of people ask me, “How do I set up a cheap, quick, and easy home recording studio?” I’ve actually got it down to a science at this point, so here it is. Keep in mind that your favorite indie rock band has probably used a less sophisticated setup. I recently spoke with Sam Endicott of The Bravery… Read More

  • So Many Headphones, So Little Head

    as well. Top 10 Headphones Reviewed [Webpodge] Read More