• Cosmo Releases Sex Position of the Day App For Android, I Release Bile

    Do you like sex with other people? Do you like Android? While it is my opinion that those two questions are mutually exclusive, someone, somewhere matches those two criteria. Thankfully, Cosmopolitan Magazine is there for them. Basically, this is an app that shows sex positions, albeit in a cartoony way. Fair enough. Android is for pornographers, after all. And that’s basically the… Read More

  • NSFW: The Evolution of the Vibrator

    “Vibration is Life,” read a print commercial from 1910 advertising a vibrator. This hot new technology became available at the turn of the century when household electricity swept through America. Vibrators were originally developed to replace the tedious task of manual stimulation used by the doctors who were treating women with what they called “hysteria.” The… Read More

  • Scientists study mental orgasms through MRIs

    Guest columnist Lydia Leavitt writes about sex and, oddly enough, social media. For more information on the latest intimate technology as well as the full interview with Kim Airs, check out Click through to read the NSFW article. Read More

  • So You Cheated. Now What?

    Technology has made it easier than ever to get caught cheating. Tiger Woods may have been the latest to get caught with his text message and voicemail pants down but many celebs and non-celebs have gotten caught just by sending texts or posting messages on the wrong Facebook wall. All it takes is one snooping partner to completely blow up your whole cheating operation. Especially if the… Read More

  • Can New Forms of Media Distribution Save Porn?

    Porn is all about instant gratification. A business reliant on bringing its customers the goods fast, this industry has always had a history of being on the forefront of new technologies as they emerge for better products and faster distribution. Revolutionizing porn and how its enjoyed with the adoption of the VHS home video, the porn industry grew from a seedy underground sex scene into a… Read More

  • 69adget's OhMiBod Freestyle Review

    The OhMiBod Freestyle Vibrator lets you DJ your own orgasm – literally. The vibrator wirelessly connects with your iPod or iPhone and vibrates along with the beat. Perfect for those of you who get turned on by the hot new Jay-Z song (or Ricky Martin, it’s cool, he’s on my playlist too), whatever your music of choice may be, this vibrator will redefine the way you look at… Read More

  • Just in time for Halloween: The Fleshlight Succu Dry

    I’m leaving this image of kittens here for those who don’t want to see the images after the jump. However, this is a $44 Fleshlight (for putting your penis into) with vampire teeth. That’s right – you can recreate all your favorite scenes from your Twilight slashfic in the comfort of your own home, car, or place of worship. There are no kittens after the jump. Just horror. Read More

  • Review: Tenga Flip Hole [NSFW]

    We at CrunchGear seem to have opened some sort of strange Pandora’s Box resulting in a number of offers to send us marital aids for review. First it was the Sqweel and now it’s the Tenga Flip Hole. Mom and Dad: I’m sorry you wasted all that money on college for me. Read More

  • Sex robots to save the adult entertainment industry?

    Only a fool would pay for pornography on the Internet. It’s like, you don’t pay for air (or, more accurately, oxygen), do you? So why pay for porn? But if porn is free all over the place, what’s going to happen to our nation’s adult entertainment industry? It employs more than a few people (that’s good), and helps maintain our image abroad (that’s also good). Read More

  • Sexy robots could love you long time

    Ian Yeoman of the University of Wellington in New Zealand posits that we could soon be heading to charming resorts on the coast where we have rough sex with robotic pleasure bots. He writes: “Robotics will become important, because you’re going to have labour shortages in the future,” he said…Even robot “prostitutes” that would not pass on diseases such as… Read More

  • Evony ad campaign: Where breasts trick you into playing a Civ clone

    I’m sure you’ve seen this ad online at some point in your Internet travels. It’s for the game Evony, an online Civilization clone that, while it doesn’t outright stink on ice, it isn’t the best, either. But the game’s quality is irrelevant, for today we’re looking at the game’s rubbish ad campaign. Basically, it consists of a pair of breasts… Read More

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