• Twitter: Now as powerful as the Clapper

    If you can’t get enough of Twitter why not try Twitter-enabling your home? By connecting his cellphone with his Twitter account, Justin Wickett has created what amounts to a remote switch triggered by Twitter messages. By using a simple program he was able to connect SmartHome’s INSTEON switches to the Internet and control them with a ping from Twitter. Read More

  • China Mobile wants nothing to do with iPhone

    China Mobile wants nothing to do with iPhone

    iPhone? Not iPhone? China Mobile was all like “No thanks, Apple” in talks about bringing the Apple iPhone to China. No reason was given for the break in negotiations but Bloomberg suspects it was the 20 to 30 percent of data fees Apple asks for each iPhone subscription. This does not rule out “further cooperation” but who really cares? China has plenty if iPhone knock-offs… Read More

  • Granny smashes Comcast equipment with claw hammer

    Granny smashes Comcast equipment with claw hammer

    Being a former Comcast customer, I can understand how one could get angry at the company for providing mediocre service. But being angry doesn’t even compare to what 75-year-old Mona Shaw did. When Comcast didn’t show up to install the Triple Play package in her home (Cable, VoIP, Internet), she scheduled another appointment. The second time, the installation team didn’t finish… Read More

  • How not to handle Comcast's customer service (even if you want to)

    How not to handle Comcast's customer service (even if you want to)

    We don’t talk too much about heroes, but Mona Shaw is right up there. Shaw got sick of the crappy customer service from Comcast and decided to do something about it. While we can’t recommend following her actions, and really can’t report if they did any good or not, it’s still good to hear about a senior citizen who decided to take her frustration out. With a hammer. Nice… Read More

  • Blogspot Completely Down?

    Blogspot Completely Down?

    In the wake of the Great Skype Outage of 2007 everyone who is everyone in IT should be watching their servers and production code like a flock of hawks. Well, it looks like Google isn’t taking my advice because as of 10:43 EST it looks like Blogspot is completely down. I’m OK with that — my Commander Ackbar fan fiction network uses WordPress — but shouldn’t someone be… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone Plans Revealed

    AT&T iPhone Plans Revealed

    Alright. I’m not even going to work my way into giving you the lowdown. You’re sick of the iPhone, I’m sick of it, and we have ourselves some plans to look over. So if you’re buying an iPhone, listen up. Three plans are available for the iPhone. All of them include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail, 200 TXT messages, rollover minutes, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. Read More

  • Sprint Right Plan Promise

    Sprint Right Plan Promise

    Sprint loves you very much I’m sure, but retaining new customers is how the wireless industry makes the big bucks. Now new customers at Sprint will be able to hold the carrier to its new Right Plan Promise. It works by allowing new customers to make changes to their plan within the first six months of activation. That means if you need more minutes, have to get a new phone, or don’t… Read More

  • Clearwire Gets FCC OK For WiMax Card

    Clearwire Gets FCC OK For WiMax Card

    If draft-N wireless still isn’t good enough for ya, then keep your eye out later this year for a Motorola manufactured card for Clearwire’s WiMax service. Clearwire Mobile just got the OK from the FCC to sell their new WiMax laptop card. You’ll get high speeds with Peyton Manning-esque ranges (as in long, long long distances) all on the 801.16e spectrum. No word yet on pricing… Read More

  • Chirp, Chirp! Cricket Offers New Pay By Week Plan

    Chirp, Chirp! Cricket Offers New Pay By Week Plan

    Looking for pay-as-you-go cellphone plan but none are all too appealing to you? Take a gander at Cricket wireless’ new weekly plan. Pay $18 a week and you’ll be given unlimited local and long distance calling privileges, which is not too shabby if you’re a big talker. In addition to the unlimited calling, you’ll also receive the ability to text and picture message as much… Read More

  • Dude Says Apple Really Considering Subscription iTunes

    Dude Says Apple Really Considering Subscription iTunes

    Another day, and as always, another Apple rumor. This time it involves the iTunes Music Store and Apple opening up a subscription-based service. If Les Ottolenghi, CEO of Intent Media Works or something, has his way, he believes Apple is literally “on the verge” of announcing a subscription service for iTunes. This guy means business too. He’s serious! “I think Apple is… Read More