• Veteran Travel Search Engine Skyscanner Lands “One Of Largest” Sequoia Investments To Date At $800M Valuation

    Veteran Travel Search Engine Skyscanner Lands “One Of Largest” Sequoia Investments To Date At $800M Valuation

    In travel search, most young people’s memories don’t extend much further back than Kayak, which began appearing, circa 2004. Though its name may be slightly less familiar among American travelers, Skyscanner is today one of the largest flight search engines on the Web, and outdates Kayak, with its origins going back all the way to 2001 B.C.E. Over the next 10 years, the… Read More

  • Sequoia Made $400M From Meraki’s Sale To Cisco, Says Key To Enterprise Investing Is To Stand Back But Stay Committed

    Sequoia Made $400M From Meraki’s Sale To Cisco, Says Key To Enterprise Investing Is To Stand Back But Stay Committed

    Investing in enterprise startups is a long-odds game, but if you play your cards right you can hit the jackpot. That was one of the takeaways of a conversation today between Doug Leone, a partner at storied VC firm Sequoia; Sanjit Biswas, co-founder of enterprise WiFi startup Meraki and Michael Arrington this morning at TC Disrupt in San Francisco. Read More

  • The Story Behind Qualtrics, The Next Great Enterprise Company

    The Story Behind Qualtrics, The Next Great Enterprise Company

    Editor’s note: Derek Andersen is the founder of Startup Grind, a 35-city event series hosted in 15-countries that educates, inspires, and connects entrepreneurs. He also founded Commonred and is ex-Electronic Arts. I met Ryan Smith about nine years ago in a college apartment in Provo Utah. We were both attending school, and after asking him what he was working on he replied… Read More

  • Why VCs Are Getting Into PR

    Why VCs Are Getting Into PR

    More than ever before, venture capitalists are digging in. To stay competitive and top-of-mind, VC’s are no longer loaning their advice and their capital, but actual “core” services that portfolio companies need. This shift isn’t necessarily new. For example, top VC firms like Kleiner Perkins and Greylock play a hands-on role in helping recruit talent. Recently… Read More

  • Mu Sigma Helps Companies Analyze 'Big Data', Raises $25 Million From Sequoia

    Mu Sigma, a startup that provides ‘decision sciences’ and analytics services to help companies make business decisions based on ‘big data’, has secured $25 million in Series C financing from Sequoia Capital. Mu Sigma in a press statement says it currently employs some 1,200 analysts (and growing), mostly based in India, in an effort to build the world’s… Read More

  • Sequoia's Roelof Botha: R.I.P. Good Times Was No Mistake (And Yes, They Do Read Their Email)

    Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Sequoia Capital partner Roelof Botha took the stage for an interview with Michael Arrington, where they discussed everything from startup valuations to Sequoia’s biggest misses. Early on in the conversation, Arrington asked Botha if Sequoia partners have a lot of internal pressure to perform, or if the firm is patient with investments. Botha says that the… Read More

  • Sequoia Invests In Chinese Online Retailer

    Sequoia Capital has invested ‘multiple millions of dollars’ in, a China-based online retailer and wholesaler with a “passion for fashion”. The proceeds of the financing rounds will be used to strengthen Milanoo’s product supply system, optimize its online shopping platform, allow it to lower its prices and to hire more people. Read More

  • U.S. Venture Funds Raised $7.7 Billion In First Quarter, Highest Influx In A Decade

    U.S. venture capital firms raised more money last quarter than in any period since 2001. The total raised for new funds was $7.7 billion, according to Dow Jones LP Source. The capital going into VC funds was up 97 percent from a year ago, when they raised $3.9 billion. (Venture capital funds benefited from an overall influx of money into U.S. private equity funds overall, which attracted… Read More

  • Sequoia Invests $8 Million In Messaging App Maker WhatsApp: Sources

    Messaging apps that let you use your smartphone to text or chat with your friends or even large groups of people, often free of charge, are red hot. We’ve heard from a reliable source that one of the companies making waves in the space, WhatsApp, has just secured $8 million in financing from Sequoia Capital, and possibly other investors. WhatsApp enables users of iPhone, Android… Read More

  • The Color Of Money

    The Color Of Money

    People. Colors. Apps. Cats. Bacon. Organic. Bieber. Mobile. Social. Local. Pivot. That’s the key slide in a faux-deck making the rounds this morning on the web. The subject of the ridicule? Color, the just-launched social sharing mobile app. Why such animosity towards a new player in a crowded space? Well, there are 41 million reasons. The most fascinating aspect about Color right… Read More

  • Sequoia Partner Mark Kvamme To Run Ohio's Department Of Development

    Sequoia Capital partner Mark Kvamme is leaving the firm in a full time role to become the director of the Ohio Department of Development, where he will focus on driving Ohio’s economic growth. He was appointed by incoming governor John Kasich. Kvamme joined Sequoia in 1999 and led early investments in LinkedIn, MarkLogic, Funny or Die, StrongMail and CastIron Systems (acquired by IBM). Read More