• HTC Sense UI for Android may be getting sweet, sweet multitouch

    Who could have guessed that simple gestures like pinch-to-zoom would make or break a phone experience for some people? With Android 2.1 slowly rolling out to most Android handsets out there, HTC decided to step up its game and bring that multitouch action into its own UI. But before you start getting uppity about when it’s coming, do not that this video is coming from Japan on a unit… Read More

  • The HTC Hero/Sense UI video walk-through

    Here it is in living color: the HTC Hero/Sense UI walk-through. This is a real phone running the actual software and we delve into some of the most important features including social media integration and the browser experience. The most interesting thing is that all of the contact/Facebook/Twitter interaction is automatic. You import your login info and it just shows up without fuss or muss. Read More