• The Top 10 Startups Of Y Combinator Winter ’15 Demo Day 2

    The Top 10 Startups Of Y Combinator Winter ’15 Demo Day 2

    Y Combinator unveiled one of its most impressive startup batches to date yesterday, featuring big ideas in medicine, finance, and marketplaces. After carefully watching the demos, speaking with founders in the class, and querying prestigious investors about their favorites, TechCrunch has compiled this list of the top 10 startups of the 47 that launched at Winter 2015 YC Demo Day 2. Here they… Read More

  • YC-Backed Seed Wants To Reinvent Business Banking

    YC-Backed Seed Wants To Reinvent Business Banking

    Seed thinks that business banking is opaque, expensive, and behind the times. The company, which is part of the Winter 2015 Y Combinator class, wants to shake up banking, bring it into the API era, and rip out unnecessary fees to make it, according to its CEO Brian Merritt, as “easy as possible to start and manage a business.” Read More

  • Early Stage Investor Version One Ventures Closes $35M Second Fund

    Early Stage Investor Version One Ventures Closes $35M Second Fund

    The Vancouver-based early stage investment fund Version One Ventures, led by founder and current Andreessen Horowitz board partner Boris Wertz, has closed its second fund of $35 million today. The venture firm, which also has offices in Palo Alto, secured the funding from Northleaf Venture Catalyst Fund, a recently created Canadian ‘fund-of-funds,’ and BDC Capital, as well as… Read More

  • Seed Is Creating A Truly Idiot-Proof Internet Of Things

    Seed Is Creating A Truly Idiot-Proof Internet Of Things

    In the vast panoply of potential home networking protocols, there are only a few worth worrying about. Wi-Fi works well but it can go down and ZigBee and the like are sparsely supported. But Bluetooth Smart is local, secure, and easy to use. And that’s what Seed Labs is using to connect our lamps, our blinds, and even our tea kettles. This Polish startup has built a small chip –… Read More

  • Seed Edition Launches Free Subscription Billing Platform For Seed Stage Startups

    Seed Edition Launches Free Subscription Billing Platform For Seed Stage Startups

    Because getting to the first million is the hardest, stealthy new startup Seed Edition is launching a subscription billing platform designed specifically for seed stage companies. And it’s giving it away for free. According to Co-founder TJ Laher, it’s never been easier for two guys in a garage to build a product using Amazon Web Services, Ruby, etc., but it’s never been… Read More

  • The Devil Made Me Do It. AOL's Regrouped Is A $500 Million Business

    The Devil Made Me Do It. AOL's Regrouped Is A $500 Million Business

    AOL’s advertising platforms, which are grouped under the business, is now a $500 million business, the company revealed today at its Investor Day in New York City. The Group is a new business unit inside AOL, which includes six separate products: The ad-serving network (which AOl acquired in 2004) and AdTech, along with more recent… Read More

  • Startup Incubator TechStars Invades New York City

    When it comes to seed investing, New York City is becoming a hotbed. And now TechStars, the incubator that began in Boulder. Colorado and has spawned nearly 40 startups, is coming to New York. This will be the fourth (and supposedly last) city TechStars expands to, according to CEO David Cohen (the other two are Boston and Seattle). TechStars is accepting applications for the New York City… Read More

  • MusiXmatch aims to make online lyrics legal with new €400k round

    MusiXmatch, a “lyrics in the cloud” company, has announced €400k of new seed funding. The Italian company is tackling the online music lyrics space, and whilst there are already tons of websites offering free lyrics, very few, if any, actually have the rights to do so. Additionally, Max Ciociola, MusiXmatch’s founder and CEO noticed that the word “lyrics” is one… Read More

  • Google's New Video Ad Highlights How Content Farms Rule At The Search Game

    So yesterday, I notice there’s a new article up on Google’s main blog, head on over there and see it’s merely a post featuring the latest video in the company’s Search Stories series, video ads which essentially aim to highlight how all kinds of people use Google Search. They’re nice and all, if pretty pointless in my book, but nothing particularly spectacular… Read More

  • GigsWiz grabs €150,000 to help bands choose where to play

    GigsWiz, a Helsinki-based analytics service for the live music industry, has grabbed €150,000 in a seed round of funding. The service basically helps music bands interact with their fans with a widget on their site. During the beta phase bands can collect requests from fans – “where do you want us to play live?” – through the GigsWiz tool on their websites. They can… Read More

  • AOL Acquires StudioNow For $36.5M, Confirms Departure Of CTO Ted Cahall

    Lots of announcements from AOL this morning: the company has acquired Internet video company StudioNow in a deal valued at $36.5 million in cash and stock, with a portion of the cash paid out over multiple years. In addition, AOL decided to confirm the news we broke last week about CTO Ted Cahall leaving the company, after vehemently denying it up until now. Finally, AOL has hired Microsoft… Read More

  • Seed's Goal Is To "Redefine Journalism For The Internet Age," Its Reality Is Untangling Cat Hair

    Last December, Saul Hansell left his job as a veteran reporter and blogger at the New York Times to become the programming director for Aol’s Seed, which is the new online assignment desk for Aol’s 80 different Websites. In his first blog post since he took on the new job, Hansell admits that his new career path was met by “a lot of blank stares” from friends and family. Read More

  • Aol Quietly Launches An Expert Site Called Owl, and Feeds It Seed

    Aol’s answer to Wikipedia is Owl, a new site described as “a living, breathing library where useful knowledge, opinions and images are posted from experts the world over.” Owl seems more of a testbed for Seed than anything else. Seed, of course, is Aol’s new low-cost content management system for soliciting articles and photographs for its network of existing Websites. … Read More

  • iWikiPhone closes €250k round to take over the iPhone App Store

    [Italy] Rome-based iWikiPhone, a social network for iPhone users where they can discover, share and discuss the best apps, has closed a €250k round of funding. The money comes from a number of private investors and also from Egolab, a Rome based company specializing in online media. Egolab has provided 100k of funding by way of services and a cash investment in return for 20% equity in… Read More