• Secret Backstage Interview | TC Disrupt NY 2014

    Pst! Secret’s Android ETA Is “Two To Three Weeks”

    Secret, the anonymish app du jour that’s enabling iOS users to thrill their own friends and people in their social circles by saying stuff freely, without having their own identity attached to the information they are sharing, is coming to Android in “a few weeks”. The ETA for the Secret Android app was revealed backstage at TechCrunch Disrupt New York, by the… Read More

  • Secrets and Lies with Chrys Bader-Wechseler and David Byttow

    Secret Is Working On A Private Chat Feature

    Anonyfish has been the only way to move a Secret conversation offline or somewhere with real names. But anonymous sharing app Secret plans to release its own native private chat feature, founders David Bytow and Chrys Bader-Wechseler confirmed today on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Read More

  • ‘Anonymish’ App Secret Taps Into Android, Global Markets; UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand First Up

    ‘Anonymish’ App Secret Taps Into Android, Global Markets; UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand First Up

    Secret — the iOS app that lets you share confessions, rumors, complaints and praise with your wider circle of friends without attaching your name to it– has captured the eye of early adopters in the US tech world. Now, with $10 million in funding behind it, Secret is going to test the waters for how it will fare in the wider word, with the app opening up this week to its… Read More

  • Would We Trust A Secret Clone From Facebook?

    Would We Trust A Secret Clone From Facebook?

    Facebook could buy an anonymous sharing app like Secret, or build one, but would we use it? Facebook’s Snapchat clone Poke crashed and burned in part because people worried Facebook would spy on, save, or widely share their ephemeral messages. Facebook’s shaky track record on privacy could similarly scare us away from an anonymous sharing feature. The problem for Facebook is that… Read More

  • Secret And Whisper Get Their Own Chinese Clones

    Secret And Whisper Get Their Own Chinese Clones

    Secret and Whisper have hit a dubious benchmark of success. Both have been cloned by developers in China. Secret posted about its Chinese duplicate this weekend, while Tech In Asia was the first English-language publication to report on both apps. Mimi means “secret” in Chinese, while Xiaosheng means “quiet.” Mimi was made by Shenzhen Wumii Technology Limited, which… Read More

  • Secret Shoots For Growth With New Anonymous Invites

    Secret Shoots For Growth With New Anonymous Invites

    Want to be sure you don’t miss any juice gossip or heartwrenching tales from you friends? Now when you re-open Secret, you’ll start where you closed the app instead of at the top of the feed so it’s easier to read comprehensively. Secret’s latest update also adds anonymous invites that could help it grow by letting you ask a friend to join the app without them knowing… Read More

  • Secret | Fly or Die

    Fly Or Die: Secret

    With last week’s episode focusing on Whisper, we thought it only fair to take a hard look at its biggest competitor, Secret. Welcome to another episode of Fly or Die. Read More

  • Doing It For The Likes

    Doing It For The Likes

    We crave approval, but we already knew that. Conventional thinking would suggest we seek digital validation because it means we’ve impressed people and raised our social status. But what anonymous apps like Secret are highlighting is that we don’t care if our name is attached to that approval. We are simply addicted to little dopamine hit we get when someone said we did well. Read More

  • Secret's CEO Discusses Cyberbullying Policy

    Secret CEO Responds To Cyberbullying Criticism

    When it comes to cyberbullying in his anonyous sharing app, Secret co-founder claimed “We don’t see very much of that, if any” when we spoke on stage at SXSW. Secret’s user might disagree, and through these highlights from our fireside chat, you can see Byttow acknowledge the darker side of anonymity. He reveals Secret is considering an 17+ age limit and other barriers… Read More

  • Whisper | Fly or Die

    Fly Or Die: Whisper

    Anonymity is all the rage these days, and so we bring our attention to Whisper. This week, we’re joined by Leena Rao, who has some mixed feelings about the craze around anonymous social sharing apps, like Whisper and competitor Secret. Read More