• Facebook Secondary Stock Just Surged To $34 — That's An $85 Billion Valuation

    Facebook Secondary Stock Just Surged To $34 — That's An $85 Billion Valuation

    Just 10 days ago, we noted that Facebook had hit a new valuation record as shares on the secondary markets surged some 5 percent to $31.50 a share. That auction was through SecondMarket and put the on-paper valuation of the company at roughly $78.75 billion (based on roughly 2.5 billion shares outstanding). Today — again, just 10 days later — we have another Facebook share auction… Read More

  • New Facebook Valuation Record As Shares Surge 5% To $31.50

    A little over $8 million changed hands in this week’s SecondMarket Facebook shares auction. And the price surged $1.50 per share, or about 5%, over last week’s record price of $30/share. 257,422 shares were bought and sold. That values Facebook, with roughly 2.5 billion shares outstanding, at $78.75 billion. Or, 17 Twitters and change. The confidential (lol) email and part of… Read More

  • Wow. Just… Wow: Facebook Hits Record $75 Billion Valuation On SecondMarket

    Wow. Just… Wow: Facebook Hits Record $75 Billion Valuation On SecondMarket

    Last week, in our weekly report on the insanely hot Facebook stock trading going on behind the scenes on SecondMarket, I wrote the following: “Do I hear $75 billion next week?” I was sort of kidding. But it looks like the joke is on me! Sure enough, Facebook did hit a $75 billion valuation on SecondMarket this week, a new record. Read More

  • Facebook Valuation Back At A Cool $70 Billion On SecondMarket

    And we’re back again with our now weekly update on the insanity surrounding Facebook’s stock in the SecondMarket auctions. Last week, the stock saw the beginning of a rally back to $27 a share, good for a $67.5 billion valuation (based on roughly 2.5 billion shares outstanding). This week, the good times continued to roll. Facebook’s stock hit $28 a share, to push the… Read More

  • Kevin Rose Invests In Facebook On SecondMarket

    Kevin Rose Invests In Facebook On SecondMarket

    Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss have made a co-investment in Facebook on the secondary market. In this video clip posted this week, Rose announces that he and Ferris recently invested in Facebook “before the craziness.” We’ve embedded the video below; Rose talks about the investment just after the 34 minute mark. We confirmed with Rose that he and Ferriss actually bought shares… Read More

  • Facebook Shares Dip 7% In Most Recent SecondMarket Auction

    A week ago Facebook shares were being traded at $28.26 per share, a $70 billion valuation. In this week’s auction at SecondMarket the per share price declined just over 7%, to $26.25, a $65.5 billion valuation with around 2.5 billion shares outstanding. That’s a $5 billion decline in valuation. 670,000 shares were sold for a total of around $17.5 million. Did it peak? I have no idea. Read More

  • Demand Doubles For Private Shares On SecondMarket: The Q4 Report

    With shares of Facebook recently hitting a $70 billion valuation in a private auction on SecondMarket, you’d think those are the only shares that trade on the private stock market Facebook did make up the biggest portion of trades (39%) in the fourth quarter of 2010, but the market for private shares is broad and demand is strong for all sort of shares from LinkedIn (7%) and Etsy (5%)… Read More

  • Facebook Shares Hit $28.26 Per Share, That's a $70+ Billion Valuation

    The SecondMarket Facebook shares auctions are back on after a holiday break, and the valuation is up big time. The last auction prior to this one closed December 15 at $22.75/share. Today it hit $28.26 per share. With 2. 5 billion or so shares outstanding, that’s a $70.65 billionish valuation. A month and a half ago shares were trading on SecondMarket at a $50 billion… Read More

  • Xpert Financial Is About To Fly Out Of Stealth With A New Way To Trade Private Shares, And SEC Approval

    Just as the Securities and Exchange Commission is starting to take a closer look at the increasing amount of trading in private company stock, a new startup that’s been in stealth mode since August, 2009 is preparing to launch another way to trade private shares. The company is Xpert Financial which, through its registered subsidiary, Xpert Securities, brings to the table a tacit stamp… Read More

  • Back off SEC: Let's Put the "Risk" of Secondary Markets in Perspective

    Back off SEC: Let's Put the "Risk" of Secondary Markets in Perspective

    Back in early 2009, I was concerned about the development of private stock secondary market exchanges. I was concerned that it would affect retention of top executives if people were able to cash out before an IPO too easily. I worried companies wouldn’t be careful enough about who they would allow to own chunks of them. I thought it would be just a band-aid for a larger industry… Read More

  • Facebook Shares Up 4.2% In This Week's SecondMarket Auction

    We’ve been tracking these fabulous SecondMarket Facebook stock auctions for the last three weeks. The shares hit a roughly $50 billion valuation in a big auction in late November, when $40 million changed hands. Last week the price edged up 1.2% to $21.01. This week’s auction has now closed as well. The closing price was $21.90, up 4.2% from last week. Someone actually guessed… Read More