• Attention, Seattle: CrunchGear reader meet-up, April 25th!

    Attention, Seattle: CrunchGear reader meet-up, April 25th!

    We’ve been talking quite a bit about our reader meet-up on May 1st in New York City, but we didn’t want the West Coast (you and I both know it’s the best coast) to feel left out, so we’re having an admittedly smaller meet-up on Friday the 25 in Seattle. You’ll get a chance to meet with Yours Truly, our own Devin Coldewey, and Peter Ha‘s flying in via Virgin… Read More

  • IndieCade 2008: Calling all Indie Gamer developers, your time has come

    IndieCade 2008: Calling all Indie Gamer developers, your time has come

    Here’s your chance to get a little bit of exposure and see what everyone else in the Indie Game community is up to. IndieCade 2008 is set to take place July 10-13 in sunny Seattle (it’ll actually be at Open Satellite in Bellevue) and they’re looking for submissions to be showcased at the show. Call for Submissions: Indiecade invites independent game artists and designers from… Read More

  • Comcast in Seattle getting six more High-Definition channels in March

    [photopress:hdcomcast.jpg,full,center]Rarely do I give Comcast praise, but today I feel I must. The cable company monopoly will be adding six new HD channels to its catalog in March, just in time for my birthday, and they’re good ones! Well, most of them. Those of you who are still using standard definition need to seriously think about your futures. You’re holding the rest of us back… Read More

  • Happy Leopard Day, friends

    Happy Leopard Day, friends

    For the last half hour, East Coasters have been having their way with Leopard, meaning about 20% of the Macdorks along the Atlantic are currently installinating the hot new OS. As the world turns, each timezone will get its own chance as the 6:00PM launch time passes. Your truly will be heading down to the University Village Apple store to talk to total nerds Apple users to gauge their reactions… Read More

  • Apple Store In Seattle Gets Robbed

    Apple Store In Seattle Gets Robbed

    Does this look like a man who would steal from Apple? The University Village Apple Store in Seattle was mysteriously robbed of serviced laptops and refurbished iPhones that were waiting to be restocked early Monday morning. It seems the burglars came in through the ceiling and even swiped one of the technicians pimped out laptops that was locked down in the cubicle area. Coincidentally our very… Read More

  • The First Apple iPhone Display Goes Up In Seattle and No, It's Not The One You've Already Seen

    The First Apple iPhone Display Goes Up In Seattle and No, It's Not The One You've Already Seen

    Score one for my homies on the West Coast, the first iPhone kiosk has gone up in Seattle. The display is looping a video of the UI, docks to charge your iPod while you drool over the video and “alarm sticker things.” It’s making our own Matt “Hawt Scoopz” Hickey dance around the store and do his happy dance. If you have them in your town, send us the pics! Read More

  • Balcony Grill for Us Urbanites

    It’s a balcony barbeque! I know, I know. CES is just days away, and it’s a barbecue that has my expensive panties in a wad, but I desperately want this, though it does not actually yet exist. Perhaps it’s out of consideration for the neighbors of others, or perhaps out of concern for fire safety, or perhaps because it’s from some German-sounding guy’s mind, but… Read More

  • Zune Contests are Over, Thanks for Playing, Check your Mail

    OK Bucakroos, it’s high-Noon on Sunday, which means both of our contests to win Zunes (among other things) are officially over: the Seattle contest and the rest-of-the-country. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to enter. In our book, you’re all winners. Except you, Ryan Stickney of Seattle, WA. While we do love creativity, the image above was not on the list of photos… Read More

  • Seattle Readers! Show Us Love and You Could Win: A Zune! A Belkin Case! And Tickets for Secret Machines + Blonde Redhead! And Breakfast with Secret Machines!

    . But it’s only because we wanted you to savor the coolness we’ve got in store for you. So what is this coolness, you ask? Well as you may have gathered, it’s a contest, and a badassssss one at that. Since we love other bloggers, we’ve gotten together with Cesar over at Zune Insider to give two lucky Seattle residents the chance to win on Monday, November 13, a Zune and a… Read More

  • Something In Seattle

    Do you like Hasslehoff? Of course you like Hasslehoff. Everyone loves him, especially after his cameo in Borat. We can tell you now that the thing we can’t tell you about has something to do with Hasslehoff being in Seattle. And some Seattle people. And their digital cameras. Intrigued yet? You should be. Keep your Monday open, friends. Play hooky if you have to. Work is not nearly as… Read More