• Now On Kickstarter, Tickle Makes Learning To Code Fun With Scratch

    Now On Kickstarter, Tickle Makes Learning To Code Fun With Scratch

    There are a lot of games and puzzles now that promise to teach kids how to code, but Tickle stands out. Now on Kickstarter, the iPad app was created in part by Mike Chen, a professor of computer science at U.C. Berkeley. Its name is a reference to Scratch, the programming language it uses, which educates people about the fundamentals of coding. Read More

  • Kids’ Programming Tool Scratch Now Runs In The Browser

    Kids’ Programming Tool Scratch Now Runs In The Browser

    As a parent of three technically savvy kids I find it disturbing that we haven’t even “scratched” the surface of Scratch, an amazing, object-oriented programming language from the MIT Media Lab’sLifelong Kindergarten Group. That may change, however, as it’s much easier to get started in Scratch thanks to a new release of the platform that lives entirely in the… Read More

  • The Creator Of Scratch Talks About Technical Literacy, Coding, And Smarter Kids

    Mitch Resnik, the creator of the super-simple Scratch programming language and head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, gave a TEDx talk about the value of coding and computer literacy in early education. He posits that while today’s students are technically competent, they are consumers of technology rather than creators. It’s as if they can only read and… Read More

  • Self-repairing plastics could lead to a scratch-free world

    Plastic has be given Wolverine-like self-healing capabilities thanks to the work of Biswajit Ghost and Marek Urban, material scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi. The scientists have created a new polymer that can repair itself when scratched using UV light from the sun. Read More

  • Scratch: Because Your Kid Can't Do FORTRAN

    The geniuses over at MIT have developed a new programming language that requires almost no knowledge of real languages like C++ or Java to learn. Dubbed “Scratch”, this new language is aimed at children and operates like a set of building blocks. Through a GUI, children can drag and drop, sounds, images, video, and other elements together to create a real, working program. Now… Read More