• Realtime Analytics For Education: Ontract Wants To Do For Student Data What Did For Financial Data

    Realtime Analytics For Education: Ontract Wants To Do For Student Data What Did For Financial Data

    Julian Miller taught high school for four years, and like many teachers, he cared about his students’ learning outcomes — about getting them across the finish line. Unfortunately, current educational software and systems don’t make that easy. Teachers that want to follow student progress and understand which tools or methods are working and why are routinely forced to log… Read More

  • Japan wants 32,000 schools to go solar by 2020

    Solar energy remains a hot topic (no pun intended) in Japan. As part of a huge economic stimulus plan, the government plans to convert all of the country’s 32,000 public elementary and middle schools to solar power by 2020. The aim: reduction of CO2 emissions and cutting long-term energy costs. Read More

  • What, if anything, can be done to stop ‘sexting’?

    There’s a rather sad story out of Cincinnati where a high school girl hanged herself because a nude photo she sent to her boyfriend via cellphone ended up spreading around the school, if not the town itself. It’s called “sexting,” and it’s apparently a big deal on high school campuses. And because of this legitimate tragedy‐why on Earth would kids tease… Read More

  • Going Back to School: Picking Up Where Facebook Left Off

    Back when Facebook was a social network only for college students, one of the most popular features was the ability to see not only who was in your class, but who else was taking the same courses as you. (It must have been great for coming up with insightful pick-up lines). Facebook did away with that feature as it broadened beyond the college market. But now another startup is looking to… Read More

  • Schools Use DDR to Cure Fat Kids

    Kids are fat these days. Kids also like to play video games more than they like to play regular teams sports like basketball or football. Light bulb! By getting kids to play Dance Dance Revolution at schools across the country, physical education teachers are helping the younglings lose weight. More than 1,500 schools are poised to have installed the game before the end of the decade… Read More