• SanDisk Breathes New Life Into Its MP3 Offering With The Sansa Fuse+

    SanDisk is back, baby. After a long time of just letting its Sansa Fuse line chill, there’s finally a new model. The Sansa Fuse+ is a mighty big refresh that manages to maintain a good amount of its pedigree. Gone is the iPod-inspired scroll wheel with multi-directional trackpad taking its place. The UI also got reworked, but the rest is about the same, which is actually fine by us. Read More

  • Will Motherboards Soon Offer On-Board Storage?

    For a long time, using a motherboard’s on-board resources was considered… uncivilized. But nowadays, you can run decent 3D on integrated graphics, and sound cards are less and less necessary as boards provide excellent built-in surround sound. Could storage be far behind? Well, yes, but it might not be long before you at least have your system partition baked right on in. Read More

  • Sandisk Presents the Smallest 64GB SSD In The Whole World

    Can you believe it? That thing is a SanDisk 64GB SSD, read for installation into the tablet of your choice. While 64GB isn’t much for fans of 3D HD porn, it’s plenty for a little bit of music and some video. The chip has 160MB/sec sequential read and 100MB/sec sequential write, which is pretty darn fast, and you can chain these things together to make huge drives. They connect via… Read More

  • News Flash: Hot Deals on Flash Memory

    Flash memory prices have continued to fall in the recent months. With the advent of HD video and now HD movies on SLRs, having enough space has always kept us mindful. Read More

  • New Sandisk WORM cards write once, read for 100 years

    Sandisk has created a new line of write once, read many SD cards, mainly intended for law enforcement. I suppose you could use one for taking pictures of grandma, but I don’t really see the point for personal use. Well, maybe for weddings and graduations and such, but part of the attraction of digital cameras is that you can erase pictures without worrying about it. Read More

  • SanDisk's 32GB microSDHC should make your life slightly easier vis-à-vis storage needs

    Nice, 32GB. Thanks, SanDisk! Now we can all shoot RAW just as carelessly as we shoot JPEG, for the low, low price of $200. Huzzah! Read More

  • SanDisk G3 solid state drive boasts speeds up to twice as fast as 7200 RPM drives

    It’s beginning to look like Expensive Speed Day here at CrunchGear, what with the USB 3.0 products and now this solid state drive from SanDisk. The G3 SSD is a solid-state drive available in 60GB and 120GB capacities for around $230 and $400, respectively. Read More

  • Who actually needs a 64GB SD card?

    The idea of having a 64GB card in your camera is a strange one. I take a fair amount of pictures in RAW, yet I rarely if ever run up against the edge of my 8GB card. I mean, you’re shooting digitally and regularly offload your pictures, right? The only situation I can think of where this might be useful is one where you literally have to shoot thousands of pictures in a row (somehow… Read More

  • Woot! Refurbished Sansa Clip for $13

    Here’s a wheel of a deal on SanDisk’s answer to the original iPod Shuffle, the Sansa Clip. It’s tiny, yet has a screen and menu system, features 2GB of storage, drag and drop music management (you can also use Windows Media Player), and 15 hour battery life. Read More

  • New SanDisk CF cards hit huge transfer speeds

    If you thought that anything with EXTREME in the title meant that it was the absolute best of its kind, think again! SanDisk’s Extreme CompactFlash cards have just been karate-chopped by its own newly-announced line of Extreme Pro cards. Extreme… PRO! Read More

  • Samsung drops bid to buy SanDisk

    Folks, don’t you worry. The world will go on. Sure, the Samsung buyout of SanDisk would have made the world a better place, but we can’t focus on that now. It’s not going to happen. Instead of an outright takeover, Samsung simply renewed its NAND flash chip licence with SanDisk for seven more years at a better rate. Read More

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