San Francisco

  • Clouds & APIs: Mayor Lee Unveils The San Francisco Open Data Cloud

    Clouds & APIs: Mayor Lee Unveils The San Francisco Open Data Cloud

    With 30,000 tech jobs already in town and more (hopefully) on the way, San Francisco has been making a big push to make its city as friendly as possible to entrepreneurs. In January, we saw Mayor Ed Lee, Ron Conway, and former TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde launched sfCITI, a committee which focuses on hiring — both placing and training competent programmers and just generally bringing… Read More

  • Vienna-based Speedinvest closes $10m fund to bridge the EU/Valley divide

    Slowly, but surely, Vienna is building its own reputation as a startup hotspot and eventually there might be a fight between Berlin, London, Copenhagen and Vienna, although London and Berlin are ahead at the moment. There have been a number of large exits driven by Austrian-born founders (exits from UCP, Jahjah, 3united and exceed 1 billion USD). Companies such as Wikitude, Runtastic… Read More

  • San Francisco Passes Law Requiring Radiation Warnings For Cell Phones

    San Francisco Passes Law Requiring Radiation Warnings For Cell Phones

    “Cell phones cause cancer.” “No they don’t!” “Yes they do.” “No they don’t!” Back and forth it goes, like the world’s slowest game of tennis. One study spends 6 months proving that cell phones turn you into a giant walking tumor, and another pops up showing that cell phones cause nothing but an increased need to tell people… Read More

  • Finally! Twitter-Tax Story Explained in Cartoon Form

    Just the antidote for a restless Friday morning: A cartoon rendering of the Twitter-tax controversy complete with a groggy Biz Stone¬†masquerading¬†as Twitter’s CEO, the role of Zynga played by a frontiersman, and a cartoony but pretty realistic view of the Tenderloin. Video on the jump. Read More

  • The Vote Is in and Twitter Gets its Tax Breaks. Now, What about Everyone Else?

    We just got word that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to approve the Mid-Market incentive plan that would give Twitter– and other companies– a six year payroll tax deferral for net new jobs if they move their headquarters into the city’s most blighted area. The plan will require a second and final vote next Tuesday to be implemented. The area in question… Read More

  • The Big Vote Is Today: Will San Francisco Hang on to Twitter?

    The Big Vote Is Today: Will San Francisco Hang on to Twitter?

    San Francisco City Supervisors are meeting today to vote on whether companies like Twitter moving into the city’s blighted Tenderloin neighborhood will get a generous enough tax break to keep them from leaving the city. It’s an important vote for all of Twitter’s employees, as it will probably dictate whether they start commuting to Brisbane or not. And it’s an… Read More

  • City Tax Battle Isn't About a Two-Year Break. It's About Repealing the Payroll Tax Completely

    City Tax Battle Isn't About a Two-Year Break. It's About Repealing the Payroll Tax Completely

    Not only is the San Francisco Chronicle lacking the professional courtesy to link to TechCrunch for first reporting the tech industry’s fears about San Francisco taxing stock options– the paper is also missing the broader point in the escalating debate. This isn’t about Zynga and Twitter negotiating a special deal, nor is it about a two-year deferral of payroll tax. Sure… Read More

  • San Francisco Wants to Tax Your Stock Options– All of Them.

    San Francisco Wants to Tax Your Stock Options– All of Them.

    Few people are aware the San Francisco has had a tax provision in its municipal code since 2004 that requires companies to pay a payroll tax on gains from employee stock options. No one pays it, and San Francisco hasn’t enforced it to date, but companies are becoming increasingly agitated that the city may change that policy at any time. The number of high profile and high value… Read More

  • The Open Gov Initiative: Enabling Techies to Solve Government Problems

    While grandma flips through photo albums on her sleek iPad, government agencies (and most corporations) process mission-critical transactions on cumbersome web-based front ends that function by tricking mainframes into thinking that they are connected to CRT terminals. These systems are written in computer languages like Assembler and COBOL, and cost a fortune to maintain. I’ve written… Read More

  • Want the G1 early? Live in San Francisco?

    The G1 doesn’t officially hit the streets until tomorrow, but the 3rd and Market store in San Francisco will begin selling the first Android device starting today at 6PM PDT. If you’re not in the area and you didn’t pre-order then you’ll have to wait until tomorrow if, of course, you’re in a 3G market. Otherwise you’ll have to order online or in-store. Said… Read More

  • Scammer breaks cover in San Fran – I need your help

    I’ve been working on a Craigslist scammer for a few weeks – transcripts to come – and I wanted to see if any of you guys knew of this area in San Fran. The address is 179 W Anderson Street. Is this a house or a business? Read More

  • Network administrator hijacks key to the city

    In an effort to save his job, or at least have the last laugh, a computer engineer has locked up San Francisco’s computer network and he’s not giving up the key. According to reports, network administrator Terry Childs created a password that granted him exclusive access to the city’s computer network; when the pass codes he gave to police didn’t work, he was taken… Read More

  • Live from San Francisco, it's the Olympic Torch Protest

    We’ve got a man on the ground in San Francisco and we’re getting some nice pictures of protesters and miscellaneous people at the ceremony there. Looks like there are a lot of sightseers and people are generally having a good time — not the bloody melee you’d expect at a civil rights protest in the Bay Area (or at a Tibetan Monastery – ouch!). We’ll keep… Read More

  • Rickshaw Bags shipping in May

    [photopress:rickshaw.png,full,pp_image] Recently launched at TED 2k8 is SF-based Rickshaw bagworks and I’ve just received word that they’ll be shipping bags out in May. I can’t vouch for the quality of said bags, but we’ll get a few into CG and test em out. Rickshaw Read More

  • Don't feel like buying a MBA then rent one instead

    I promise this is the last MBA post for today. We’ve gone back and forth here at CG about whether or not the latest Apple notebook is worth all the hype and I think the camp is divided down the middle. Sure, we can all go down to our local Apple stores and give them a whirl, but we won’t get that much time with them, so what are we to do? Zilok, a company who lets you rent out… Read More

  • San Francisco mayor wants fat tax on soda, soda industry wants fat tax on video games instead

    San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom wants to add an extra fee to the sale of drinks containing high-fructose corn syrup in a two-fold effort to fight fat and help fund fat-fighting programs around the city. Kevin Keane of the American Beverage Association calls the plan flawed and suggests the causes of obesity are many and varied and that instead of singling out the beverage industry, the… Read More

  • Hands on with Sony Ericsson's goodies

    Hey, kids. How’s it going today? The fun doesn’t seem to want to end for me at CTIA, which is great for you, folks. I sat down with Sony Ericsson and they showed me a slew of devices that made me drool. It’s been quite a while since I lusted over any SE device, T68 ring a bell? So to see the K850, W910, Z750 and W960 in person was a real treat. Let the visual feast begin. Read More

  • Hands on with Sprint's LG Rumor

    Here’s a sneak peek at the Rumor, which I’m told arrived yesterday to the folks at Sprint. We’ll have a full review in the coming weeks. It’s tiny, feels so good in my hands and has a great keyboard. Nice job, LG. Read More

  • Hands on with the Nokia N810

    I’m so thankful I found something worthwhile from this trip to San Francisco. Behold the N810 Internet tablet. It’s awesome. A very nice form factor that makes the N800 look like a fatty, fat, fat, fat. I wants it, too. Read More

  • Hands on with the Motorola RAZR 2 Luxury Edition

    I won’t lie. This phone is hot. I want it. I must have it. The babes will flock rather than run like they normally do. Yes, I know I cracked jokes about the Luxury Edition earlier, but it’s such a sexy piece of hardware. The faux snake skin isn’t half bad and the diamond-cut plating is well done. I really, really want it and it sort of makes me sick to my stomach. Read More