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  • Ryan Block Leaves AOL Alpha For Something New

    Ryan Block Leaves AOL Alpha For Something New

    GDGT co-founder, Engadget founding editor and VP of Product at AOL, Ryan Block is leaving the company for parts undisclosed. Block came to AOL with the acquisition of GDGT in 2013 and has headed up AOL Alpha in recent years. Block’s GDGT co-founder Peter Rojas recently left AOL for betaworks, where he is an EIR. “The opportunity to build a new products lab at one of the big… Read More

  • In Starlike, Faves And Likes Take On A Life Of Their Own

    In Starlike, Faves And Likes Take On A Life Of Their Own

    Apps like Flipboard, SmartNews, Nuzzel and a rush of others have tapped into the rise of social networking to offer a new way of discovering things to read and see online. Now add another app to the mix called Starlike that’s taking this idea to a new level. Like the others, Starlike (out on iOS and Android) creates a social newsfeed of a sort based on our friends’ and… Read More

  • gdgt Draws 4.7 Million Views During WWDC Keynote. Not Bad For A Site That Hasn't Launched.

    gdgt, the new consumer electronics site founded by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block that was first announced in September, hasn’t even launched yet. But it’s already managing to to draw millions of viewers for its coverage of major events, like Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday, which saw 4.7 million views in less than two hours. Of course, gdgt’s coverage was no match for that… Read More

  • Engadget's Ryan Block to step down

    TechCrunch is reporting that Ryan Block has plans to step down as editor of Engadget and begin a new start-up with former editor Peter Rojas. No timing has been confirmed. Writes MA: Engadget’s editor-in-chief Ryan Block will be leaving parent company AOL shortly, sources say, to launch a new startup. Partnering with him on the new company will be Peter Rojas, Engadget’s former… Read More