• Rugged Camera Roundup: The Movie
    Before each of this week’s rugged and waterproof cameras gets examined on terms of usability, image quality, and so on, I had to check whether their makers were pulling my leg about their rugged qualities. A quick trip to the… Read More

  • Review: Mission Workshop Vandal weather-proof backpack

    Short version: Versatile but not particularly compact, the Vandal is a good choice for the hardcore urban biker/family man who needs to fit everything in his backpack, rain or shine. Read More

  • Pentax finally makes its W90 rugged and waterproof camera official

    We’ve been looking at leaked pictures of this thing for a week or so, but there wasn’t much to say without the specs and all that. Besides, the leaked picture was just a little too muddy to show off the camera’s tasteful styling. But check this thing out: not only is the W90 waterproof to 20ft and shockproof from 4ft, it’s got a ring of LEDs around the lens to help with… Read More

  • At last, a PDA so rugged I can hammer nails with it

    Here’s a question. What use is an iPad if you live IN AN AVALANCHE? Even its high-quality multi-touch screen won’t help it there. And what if you like to SWIM IN POOLS OF MAGMA? How will you check your email then? Not on your Windows Phone! It will have melted! This is why you need the AIS Ultra-Rugged RPDA37! Read More

  • Lacie adds eSATA to its rugged line of external drives

    See? That’s all. I reviewed the Rugged XL a little while back and my opinion is unchanged (a little expensive but probably worth it for peace of mind), but now you can mentally add “eSATA support” to the feature list. Read More

  • Panasonic's Toughbook H1: a tablet for you and your favorite hazardous environment

    Pretend you’re Gordon Freeman. Who am I kidding, you’ve been doing that for years — so this should be easy. The lab is self-destructing around you, a resonance cascade has just torn open a hole in the universe, and there are soldiers everywhere with orders to kill you on sight. You need a tablet, but what with the rocket launcher and seven other weapons, your HEV suit can… Read More

  • XtreamP3 looks like a nice little waterproof MP3 player

    You might remember the SwiMP3, an MP3 player designed specifically for use when swimming. Handy if you swim a lot, but what if you just like to run or bike in rain and snow? You don’t really want to wear a swimming accessory while you’re running — unless you’re running to the pool, I guess, but let’s ignore that contingency for now. That’s why this… Read More

  • Rugged SD cards? Actually, that's a really good idea

    I saw this headline and immediately made my skeptical face. Rugged flash media? Don’t those things spend all their time jacked into your device? Why not have rugged batteries, too? But then I thought about those poor, fragile SD cards, living sheltered lives in cases, pouches, and so on because we’re too worried that they’ll snap in half or get a drop of water on them at… Read More

  • Review: LaCie 1TB Rugged XL external hard drive

    One of LaCie’s most recognizable products, the Rugged line of external HDDs has been around for ages, but only recently expanded into the 3.5″ HDD realm with this 1TB unit. The design is much the same, but obviously it’s significantly larger — and more spacious. But is it worth the premium over other 1TB drives? Read More

  • GETAC's rugged PDA looks like you could drop it in a volcano

    I’m a big fan of ruggedized items. Although PDAs (as opposed to smartphones) are relatively rare these days, there’s still a large need for them in certain scientific and professional pursuits. Ruggedized PDAs even more so, as chances are you’re not going for a two-month expedition to your grandma’s house. I’m sure there are plenty of surveyors, mappers, science… Read More

  • Panasonic touches up the Toughbook

    Panasonic has upgraded their Toughbook 52 series of semi-rugged notebooks. And like you may know, these aren’t much competition for the usual crop of 15.4 inch laptops. But when it comes to surviving in hospitals or braving the battlefield, they are unparalleled. Read More

  • Review: Motorola Renegade V950 (Sprint)

    Quick Version: The Motorola Renegade V950 is a good choice for people who want a rugged phone with excellent call quality and push-to-talk capabilities. What’s more, Motorola and Sprint-Nextel manage to throw a little fun into the mix as well. Read More

  • Drop your phone a lot? Get a G'zOne Boulder

    I don’t know whether this phone from Casio is pronounced “Jee-zee wun” or “Gazone,” but either way I kind of like the idea of a basic, super-rugged phone. My Samsung Trace has been through a lot and keeps ticking, but I’ve seen a few Oceans go down in my time, to say nothing of sat-on iPhones and such. The Boulder’s feature set is pretty limited… Read More

  • Rough Housing: 24-inch rugged LCD touchscreen would work great in your family's rumpus room

    Sure, the SV-2400 announced today by Stealth Computer is “built to withstand the demanding effects of harsh environments typically encountered in industrial plant floor and Human Machine Interface applications,” but wouldn’t it also stand up to your bratty kids’ peanut butter and jelly-covered hands and the generally rambunctious nature of the rumpus room in your… Read More

  • Dell announces new military-grade rugged notebook

    Dell’s gone rugged. Like, super rugged. Like, military rugged with the Latitude XFR D630. Starting at just under $4,000 and weighing in at almost nine pounds (just shy of a regular consumer laptop from Dell — hay-oh!), the D630 comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, XP or Vista, 14.1-inch outdoor-viewable screen (at 500 nits), and shock-mounted components. It meets the… Read More

  • Panasonic releases rugged-but-light notebooks

    Light AND durable notebooks? Is it possible? Apparently it is. Panasonic’s three new "business-rugged notebook computers" make up the 7 series and include the the T7 tablet replacement, the W7 ultraportable, and the Y7 thin-and-light. They’re rugged, yes, but here’s the kicker; they’re all under 4 pounds. Read More

  • Verizon Wireless (Casio) G’zOne Type-S Review

    Will it blend?
    We’ve all dropped our phones once, twice, or every other five minutes, right? I know I have on multiple occasions and I wince with every drop. The battery or some part seems to dislodge itself without fail every time and it just doesn’t work the same afterwards. I’ve gotten away with sending my phone in for replacement without the watermark stickers revealing… Read More

  • Casio G'zOne Type-S Sounds Like A Pasta Dish

    Those of you who are rugged lumberjacks out there will be happy to know that Verizon will be releasing an updated version of Casio’s rugged phone, the G’zOne. Dubbed the G’zOne Type-S, this phone not only is tough and sounds like a bad italian dish, it also features a round, rubber antenna to pick up chicks with. For a rugged phone though, the Type-S has a pretty nice design. Read More

  • Hummer Launching Mobile Brand

    Nothing gets more American than driving a Hummer with some McDonalds in your lap and some Steve Miller Band on the stereo. And since we Americans love our cellphones, it makes total sense that Hummer is starting a mobile brand with Modelabs Group. The two companies are partnering to design, produce, and market a line of mobile phones and accessories, as well as “on-device”… Read More

  • Verizon G'zOne Gets Reviewed (Verdict: Toasty!)

    If you haven’t heard much about Verizon’s oddly named G’zOne phone, then you rugged outdoorsmen are missing out big time. Made to be compliant with military standards and general ass-kickings, the G’zOne is supposed to be able to take a lot of punishment without failing on the user. Some dude named Andy got his hands on one and really put it to the test. The phone… Read More