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  • Fortumo Cracks Open Piggy Bank To Let Android Devs Offer Carrier Billing Via SMS

    You remember Bad Piggy Bank, the in-game payment model for Rovio‘s Angry Birds on Android which lets users either remove the ad on the free version of the game or buy the pending Mighty Eagle update. Yes, the one that circumvents Android’s own app store payment system in favour of carrier billing. Well, it’s actually powered by European mobile payments provider Fortumo… Read More

  • Rovio CEO: We Have 40 People Working On Angry Birds (Le Web)

    In an on-stage interview at Le Web 10 in Paris, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed talked about one of the most popular games ever to hit mobile phones all around the world: Angry Birds. Can you share some of the latest numbers? We’ve sold 12 million copies of Angry Birds to date, and we’ve seen about 30 million downloads of the free app. The majority of revenues comes from the iPhone, and a lot… Read More

  • Angry Birds On Android Projected To Generate $1 Million Per Month In Advertising

    Angry Birds On Android Projected To Generate $1 Million Per Month In Advertising

    One of the most successful mobile games right now is Angry Birds, which has been downloaded more than 30 million times across different mobile platforms, with 12 million of those being paid downloads on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. But on Android, the game is free, and is supported by advertising. Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Android since that… Read More

  • Angry Birds Day, Dec 11 – Something big is going down in London…

    By now you will have heard about the first official Angry Birds Day when lovers of that crazy iPhone/Android game come together to celebrate the ongoing war between the birds and the pigs. However, well placed sources told us yesterday that something big was going down on that day, specifically in London’s Trafalgar Square. Now, this is becoming a big venue to launch big games… Read More

  • 'Angry Birds' Toys, A Photo Essay

    Welcome to your daily Angry Birds fix! Obviously we’re thisclose to release or we wouldn’t have received these things in our inbox this morning. No word yet on actual debut date or pricing. So all we’ve got are these hi-res, full color shots of the brightly colored birds, spun off from the wildly popular (at 6.5 million iPhone downloads and counting) game. ‘Ah… Read More