• 11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

    11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

    From the Windows 10 launch to genetically modified babies and Elon Musk tweeting about his “D,” we give you our top articles from this week (9/27-10/3). You don’t want to miss these. 1. Windows 10 was revealed at an event in San Francisco, and you bet we were there. Yes, you heard that right: Microsoft is calling their new OS Windows 10. The operating system will… Read More

  • 11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

    11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

    From #BendGate and Beats Music to South Park, here are the top stories from 9/20 to 9/26: 1. #BendGate dominated the tech headlines this week. For those unfamiliar with the “saga,” several reports suggested that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will bend when left in a pocket for a prolonged period of time. The iPhone 6 Plus in particular garnered the most attention. The iPhone 6 and 6… Read More

  • 11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

    11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

    It’s been an exciting week for us here at TechCrunch with the Hackathon, Disrupt SF and Apple’s product launch all taking place within a few days. Here are 11 of our best stories from the past week (9/6-9/12). 1. Apple had a number of new product releases this week. We introduced you to the Apple Watch, the company’s highly anticipated first foray into the world of… Read More

  • Yet another roundup shows that a good SSD is still hard to find (for cheap)

    I keep looking at SSDs, and then I keep changing my mind. The right combination of price, performance, and storage capacity just hasn’t hit yet. Another roundup done by yet another technology blog reviewed the latest generation of SSD products, only to come to the same conclusion: the performance hit at the low end price point continues to make going to SSD too impractical for many users. Read More

  • Leaked Apple MacBook image roundup

    Pics have been popping up for months about Apple’s next laptop and with the event less than a week away, it’s high time that we round ‘em all up for your scrutiny. Read More

  • High-end keyboard round-up: the round-up

    Well, it’s the end of our little keyboard extravaganza. I thought I should summarize and link to the various reviews in case you missed one and are in the market for a nice, shiny new keyboard. Click the pictures to check ‘em out, or click “more” to get the capsule version of each review.
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  • MacBook Air review roundup

    First up we have Uncle Walt. His views and opinions on technology astonish me. If you value thinness, and a large screen and keyboard in a subnotebook, and don’t watch DVDs on planes or require spare batteries, the MacBook Air might be just the ticket. But if you rely on spare batteries, expect the usual array of ports, or like to play DVDs on planes, this isn’t the computer to… Read More

  • Zune 2 review roundup

    This guy needs to get laid. Does it suck? Will it kill the iPod? Will you buy one? Do you care? The general consensus seems to be that Microsoft is at the cusp, but they’ve fallen short once again, though, it’s a vast improvement over the first gen Zune. It takes Microsoft a bit of time to catch up, but once they do, I think the Zune will be a worthy opponent. We’ll see how… Read More

  • Workspace Roundup: Ergonomic Chairs

    As techies, there are few components that affect us more so than our chairs. Sitting in a chair for countless hours every day has a notable impact on our bodies. A crappy chair can cause immediate duress and also lead to prolonged pain. A quality chair, however, can do a lot of good for you. Proper lumbar support, being reasonably adjustable, sufficient padding, all these components play a role… Read More

  • Holiday Buyers Guide 2006: DSLR Cameras

    Single-lens reflex cameras were a hugely important innovation upon their release. It provided photographers with the ability to view their subjects directly through the lens. This was different from previous cameras that often used a separate viewfinder that didn’t see exactly what the lens was viewing. The proliferation of these new SLR cameras offered a reasonable method of avoiding… Read More