• The New Roomba 980 Can Now Watch Your Dirt

    The New Roomba 980 Can Now Watch Your Dirt

    It knows when you’ve been sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it knows when your kids spilled Rice Krispies next to the couch and covered the spill with the dog. The new Roomba 980 is a round robotic vacuum with a new twist. While previous models got around by bumping into things and coming to the edge of stairs, the new 980 uses a low-res video camera to “map”… Read More

  • Dyson Reveals Its All-Seeing Robot Vacuum, The 360 Eye

    Dyson Reveals Its All-Seeing Robot Vacuum, The 360 Eye

    Dyson teased a new product announcement last week, and now it’s unveiling what many suspected it might: a robotic vacuum, called the Dyson 360 Eye. This Roomba-competitor offers greater suction that existing field, and has a built-in robotic eye that lets it see its environment, and map out exactly where it has been and where it hasn’t for optimal cleaning. Like all Dyson vacuums… Read More

  • TC Makers: An Evening With iRobot

    TC Makers: An Evening With iRobot

    Deep in the wilds outside of Boston a team of mad scientists created the ultimate in robotic life: the iRobot Roomba, the ubiquitous, world-famous automatic vacuum that, for many of us, is our first brush with autonomous robotics. The Roomba’s brains came from a military minesweeper, its parts came from kids’ toys, and its mission – to clean up after us puny humans –… Read More

  • iRobot Releases New Versions Of Its Vacuuming Robot And Gutter Cleaning Robot

    iRobot Releases New Versions Of Its Vacuuming Robot And Gutter Cleaning Robot

    After 22 years of existence, iRobot has come a long way and is still releasing new models of its home cleaning robots. The Looj 330 has been completely redesigned to improve your gutter cleaning experience. In the vacuuming robot line, the Roomba 600 series has been updated as well with redesigned brushes and a better air system. Read More

  • Smarbo: Toshiba Announces Roomba Competitor

    Smarbo: Toshiba Announces Roomba Competitor

    The Roomba just got new competition from Japan: Toshiba has announced [JP] a new cleaning robot today, the so-called Smarbo (which is probably short for “Smart Robot”). Just like its US counterpart, the Toshiba robot is primarily intended for use in households. Toshiba built quite a few features into the robot, for example two CPUs (details unknown), a camera, and a set of 38… Read More

  • DIY All-Terrain Roomba

    The All -Terrain Roomba isn’t brand new but recent updates have made it a formidable opponent to stairs, lumps of dirt, and other obstacles that stand between you and a completely clean Martian surface. The DIY kit uses a modded Roomba and unique chassis to offer stability and impressive speed to this little robot. Read More

  • The Mint Automatic Roboswiffer: Like Roomba but more like Robocop

    What the deuce? This looks like some sort of Swiffer/robot cyborg that mated with an Apple power supply. Apparently the Mint floor cleaner is available for $249 and is now on pre-order. The sweeper dusts and wet mops floors and you can add Swiffer cloths to it. It’s much smaller than the Roomba and I’d actually wager it’s a bit more handsome. This is truly an exciting time… Read More

  • How did we miss this laser-scanning super robot vacuum?

    Not sure how we missed this robotic vacuum but this bugger uses lasers to scan your room and grab dust and lint as it goes. It’s quite cute how this little fellow does everything the Roomba does but, seemingly, it does it better. One more video after the jump. Read More

  • Finally, Roombas enacting a game of Pac-Man

    Yes. It is finished. We can shut down NASA, DARPA, all the arts and sciences, and stop trying now. The pinnacle of human achievement has been reached. Robot vacuums have been hacked to play the parts in a real-life game of Pac-Man. Video inside. Read More

  • Woot! Refurbished Roomba 530 for $130

    The only thing that scares me more than cleaning is robots, so I’m gonna sit this one out. But if you’re not afraid of robots or refurbished technology products, then $130 for an iRobot Roomba 530, charging station, and virtual wall unit is a wheel of a deal. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Roomba 500 robotic vacuum for $199

    A vacuuming robot: you know you want one. I have a Roomba. It sits in its box under my desk ever since we hired a cleaning person to come twice a month. Seriously, though, you should get a robotic vacuum. Amazon has knocked $80 off one of the higher-end Roomba units, the 500 series, bringing it to a cool $199 with free shipping (today only). Read More

  • New Roomba coming soon UPDATE

    So our original hunch was correct: a new Roomba is currently in beta stage and it will be an evolution of the 550 series. It will be all black with a textured surface and this model, strangely enough, is missing the top handle. It will have a smaller base and lighthouses – the invisible walls you put in the house – that use C batteries and have an on/off switch. There is a better… Read More

  • Square/new Roomba coming sooner than later?

    Could a new Roomba be hitting the streets? Tipster Kason Jinkaid writes: Not sure if this excites you, but I heard from a Costco salesperson
    that they’re getting new Roombas “soon”, though that could mean
    months. They aren’t stocking the ones they’ve been carrying (model
    550). Also Woot just sold off a bunch for 535s for ~$100 less than
    what they usually sell… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Roomba 535 for $150

    If you’re a stickler for clean floors (note: I am not) but you can’t afford a live-in maid to clean them every day (note: I can not) and you’re not afraid of robots (note: I am, deathly) then perhaps you need a Roomba. Read More

  • Square Roomba could change your life

    Friends, every morning I wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and choke up. Look at me: a 34-year-old man, overweight, exhausted, with acid reflux and sleep apnea. I feel like the underside of a bench at the Greyhound depot. But then see stuff like this. That’s right: that, people, is a Roomba with freaking corners. Read More

  • Pacmba

    Roomba? Check. LEDs? Check. Poor grasp of English language? Check. “My Roomba have changed to shining PACMAN!” Double check. Read More

  • Long exposure shows Roomba's path around your living room

    This is very interesting as well as being just a cool picture. By working out how long it took for a Roomba to go through a room, turning the lights out and figuring out the exposure settings, this photographer managed to catch the path of the sucker throughout the whole process. Read More

  • Tomy Dustbot: The original floor cleaning robot

    Aren’t you a little tired of seeing nothing but Roombas for sale at Sure, the little robots do a great job cleaning up after us filthy humans, but come on! Robots need faces! Why is it that in 2009 our robots have no faces, when twenty years ago you could get a floor-cleaning robot with a face? Read More

  • Guy likes his Roomba, writes a song about it

    Mr. Pitiful really likes his Roomba. So much so that he wrote a song about it… and made a music video for it. It’s actually from about a year ago but sometimes songs about robotic vacuum cleaners take time to develop a following. I haven’t written a song about my Roomba yet, but that’s mostly because it constantly gets tangled up in the ends of my area rug and I’m… Read More

  • Japan gets exclusive, super-cute Hello Kitty-Roomba

    iRobot‘s Roombas have been enjoying brisk sales in Japan for a few years now. To further boost brand awareness, their sales agent in this country collaborated with Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty and other extra-cute comic characters, to produce a Hello Kitty-Roomba. The Nippon-only device is based on the Roomba 530 model, with the only difference being the cute design. Available… Read More