robotic arm

  • RAPUDA: Robotic Arm For People With Upper Limb Disabilities (Video)

    Robots can do good for mankind, not only in the future but also right now. Case in point: RAPUDA [JP], a robotic arm, which – once mounted onto a wheelchair – can help the disabled manage certain tasks they’d normally require the help of other people for on their own. It’s developed by the Intelligent Systems Research Institute [JP] at Japan’s National Institute… Read More

  • Robotic arm hustles air hockey players everywhere

    If you walk into a bar and see this robotic arm situated at one end of an air hockey table drinking a Miller High Life with a cigarette hanging from its lip yelling “Who’s got next?!", don’t, under any circumstances, play against it for money. It’ll beat you pretty badly. Politely offer to play a gentleman’s game and if the arm refuses, just walk away. Read More