• Jon Irwin On Why Rhapsody Bought Napster

    Jon Irwin On Why Rhapsody Bought Napster

    Monday, we sat down with Rhapsody President Jon Irwin to get a little more insight behind why the company bought fellow online music service Napster. As part of the acquisition, Rhapsody acquired all Napster subscribers and other IP assets from Napster owner BestBuy. Meanwhile, Best Buy received a minority stake in Rhapsody. Irwin tells us he looks forward to bringing the Napster subscriber… Read More

  • SoundCloud, Deezer And Rhapsody Revealed As Facebook Music Launch Partners?

    SoundCloud, Deezer And Rhapsody Revealed As Facebook Music Launch Partners?

    I love Yvo Schaap, even though I’ve never met him in person. Wanna know why? Because the man keeps on digging up interesting stuff by simply perusing code, and then alerting us. Schaap found the embeddable +1 button and a a link to the Google Games logo before either of them was publicly released, and now he may have identified several companies that will be partnering with Facebook for… Read More

  • Welcome To The U.S.! What Spotify Can Expect When It Arrives

    I just read that Spotify is coming to the U.S! Oh, wait. That was an article from 2009. I hope they really mean it this time. I love the product. To grease the skids for them a bit, I’ve put together a little travel guide for what they can expect in advertising and media circles when they do arrive. Lots of love in digital circles. Being Swedish I’m guessing they’re… Read More

  • Next Question: What's A Publishing App?

    We created subscriptions for publishing apps, not SaaS apps. —email attributed to Steve Jobs There’s been so much confusion in the wake of Apple’s new subscription billing policy for apps that Steve Jobs felt the need to issue the proclamation above via his preferred method, a personal email. (It’s his version of… Read More

  • Fly or Die on Apple's New Subscription Rules

    Fly Or Die: Apple's New Subscription Rules (With Rhapsody President Jon Irwin)

    The media world is in a tizzy over Apple’s new subscription billing rules for iPad and iPhone apps. Basically, Apple will now take a 30 percent cut of all in-app subscription revenues and own all the customer data. As written, the rules apply to everything from iPad magazines and newspapers to subscription music services and even subscription movie services like… Read More

  • Thumbplay Rocks 500,000 Downloads For Paid Music Apps Across iPhone, Android, And Blackberry

    Who says nobody will consider paying for streaming music? Thumbplay Music, which offers unlimited music streaming apps for a monthly subscription across iPhone (iTunes link), Android, and Blackberry, reports that its smartphone apps have been downloaded 500,000 times since June. Thumbplay won’t say how many of those downloads turn into paying customers (you get a free trial before… Read More

  • Convert Your iTunes, Spotify, Last.fm And Other Playlists Into Twitter Lists

    If you’ve created music playlists using iTunes, Spotify, Last.fm, YouTube, We Are Hunted, Winamp, Rhapsody, Soundcloud, or even if you’ve simply scribbled a list of your favorite tracks in a notepad file, you need to check out Playlistify soon. The basic, solid premise of the service is to let you enjoy your custom-made playlists anywhere you like. I was looking for an excuse to… Read More

  • Rhapsody's President On Price Cut, Mobile Future

    Rhapsody is going solo and cutting prices along the way. The digital music service is spinning off from its parent companies, MTV/Viacom and RealNetworks. The newly independent company is called: Rhapsody International. In honor of its new status, the company is also releasing an Android app and dropping its premier monthly subscription fee by a third to $9.99 a month, from $14.99. “We… Read More

  • FYI: You can download Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 today on Rhapsody

    Knowing you guys, you not only knew Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 leaked several days ago, but you grabbed it instantly, and gained some nice ratio buffer in the process. Oh, and you listened to it many times over (as have I). Good, great. Read More

  • Apple Will Approve Rhapsody's iPhone App, But It Will Still Be A Dud

    This morning, subscription music service Rhapsody is putting public pressure on Apple to approve its new music streaming app by making its case directly to the press. Unlike other streaming music apps already on the iPhone from Pandora, Slacker, AOL Radio, imeem, and Sirius XM, Rhapsody’s would allow users to individually select and listen to any one of the 8 million songs in its… Read More

  • Rhapsody App submitted to Apple for approval: Mobile streaming music ahoy (hopefully)

    Provided Apple and/or AT&T don’t throw a fit, you’ll soon be able to use Rhapsody on your iPhone (and iPod touch). The App works over 3G and EDGE (and Wi-Fi, of course), streaming music from a library of more than 8 million songs. Read More

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