• TechCrunch Philly MeetUp: Chris Dima of TalkFavorites.Me Is A Hyper-Local, Hyper-Objective Reviews Engine

    While the name may be a bit unruly, is a rating system for the best stuff near you. There are no reviews to AstroTurf, no business details to mess up, and no horribly-written screeds against unfairly-judged businesses. Instead, you vote for the best stuff in your area and then consult those lists as you look for, say, the best pizza in West Chester, Penn. We spoke with… Read More

  • Up Close With The Updated Iomega ix2 NAS Drive

    Up Close With The Updated Iomega ix2 NAS Drive

    NAS drives are getting smarter and smarter, and the Iomega ix2 is no exception. Priced at $400 for 1TB, this compact drive is actually more of a mini-computer and features “apps” that allow it to become more than just a storage dump. I installed the drive on my home network and found it obviously quite easy to install and run. The version I test, a disk-less case that costs about… Read More

  • Review: Ernst Benz Officer Collection ChronoLunar

    Review: Ernst Benz Officer Collection ChronoLunar

    As a big watch nerd, I love sharing cool watches with you guys in hopes that my obsession, as unseemly as it is, will be passed from writer to reader like an STD. This time I was lucky enough to be able to handle the new Ernst Benz Officer ChronoLunar, a huge “officer-style” chronograph with day-date-lunar cycle registers and a 24-hour dial. To be clear, this watch uses the … Read More

  • Review: The Playstation Vita, Sony’s Portable Powerhouse

    Review: The Playstation Vita, Sony’s Portable Powerhouse

    Like a line of hard-marching Lemmings (or a swarm of Patapons), Sony’s countless, niggling enemies would like nothing better than to distract and steal the company’s hard-won fan base. The Playstation has long been the gold standard in console gaming, despite the Xbox’s recent challenges to the throne. And Sony does a good job. Graphics are better, gameplay is or can be… Read More

  • With Localmind 2.0, It’s About Expert Local Answers, Not Just Immediate Ones

    With Localmind 2.0, It’s About Expert Local Answers, Not Just Immediate Ones

    Following five months of work, location-based Q&A platform Localmind is launching its biggest release today since its original debut with the arrival of Localmind 2.0. The newly revamped platform represents a shift for the company, which, as you may remember, sits on top of Foursquare, allowing you to pose questions in real-time to those checked in at local venues. Today, the company… Read More

  • Review: Benarus Megalodon Diving Watch

    Review: Benarus Megalodon Diving Watch

    I rarely like to put my own little fetishistic watch reviews up here unless the watch is something amazingly unique or unless I think you, dear reader, will get a kick out of the quality or styling of a particular piece. That’s why I chose to write up this Benarus Megalodon Diving Watch, a huge monster of a timepiece that is water resistant to 2,500 meters or about 8,000 feet. Read More

  • Review: AAXA P4 Pico Projector

    Review: AAXA P4 Pico Projector

    Short version: A powerful little device, significantly brighter than others of its size, with decent battery life and a good picture. Too bad it’s so damn loud, and not the most user-friendly thing of all time either. Read More

  • Review: Fujifilm X10

    Review: Fujifilm X10

    Short version: A stylish and fun alternative to the likes of the Canon G12 and Nikon P7000. It’s not the quickest on the draw, and the build quality is obviously a step down from its elder brother, the X100, but image quality is good and operation is straightforward. It’s got a great lens and after a little familiarization could be quite versatile. While it compares decently with… Read More

  • Review: Iomega 2TB Mac Companion Hard Drive

    Review: Iomega 2TB Mac Companion Hard Drive

    Iomega’s Mac Companion hard drive is a 2TB ($349, 3TB model is $449) desktop drive with a few features that make it interesting to the average Mac (or PC) owner. While it doesn’t have the bells, whistles, and network access of many NAS and home storage devices, it does look good next to your iMac. The drive is clad in brushed aluminum with a black glossy top panel and a two-port… Read More

  • Review: Skyrim

    Review: Skyrim

    Short version: While Skyrim does almost nothing to address the weaknesses of its predecessors, it expands on the strengths to such an extent that even its most substantial flaws seem microscopic. You may not lose yourself in the unimaginative combat and story, but the world Bethesda has created is so huge and so beautifully realized that you won’t care. An enormous game like this demands… Read More

  • Review: Motorola Atrix 2

    Review: Motorola Atrix 2

    An attractive and comfortable phone with a nice camera and enough speed for most users. The qHD screen is sharp and the design is understated. It’s just too bad Motorola had to ruin the UI with a few ugly effects. It’s not a major update to the original Atrix, but it has some welcome changes and stands on its own as a good choice for non-iPhone AT&T users. Read on for the… Read More

  • Review And Giveaway: Battlefield 3

    Review And Giveaway: Battlefield 3

    Short version: Battlefield 3 plays it safe and focuses on maximizing player engagement, but falls prey to a lack of variety, a shabby UI that’s clearly a holdover from consoles, plus of course the inevitable bugs, lag, and rocket spam. There’s a good game in here, but only if you’re willing to overlook some real flaws. But as it has been for years with big multiplayer games… Read More

  • Striiv Gamifies The Pedometer Craze

    Striiv Gamifies The Pedometer Craze

    The pedometer – those little things you wear to measure your steps – has always been a weight loss gimmick. Only recently, however, have pedometers gotten smart enough to do more than just vaguely shame us into walking a little further. Take Striiv, for example. This keychain-sized device measures steps walked and stairs climbed and includes a unique set of cute little games… Read More

  • Review: Rage

    Review: Rage

    Short version: Probably the best-looking game I’ve ever played, despite a general lack of imagination. The gameplay itself, though, is (without exaggeration) probably less sophisticated than Doom. But is this ditzy game worth your money? Read More

  • Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Review: A MacBook Air For The Rest Of Us

    Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Review: A MacBook Air For The Rest Of Us

    The Aspire S3 is Acer’s first ultrabook. The notebook is almost unabashedly a MacBook Air clone with straight lines and a clean design but it’s also $400 less. There are some trade-offs when comparing this to the Air, sure, but for the most part the Aspire S3 is a fine ultraportible for the Windows crowd. What Acer and all the rest of the ultrabook makers are building are by… Read More

  • Pedal Power: Two Empress Guitar Pedal Reviews For Knob Twiddlers

    Pedal Power: Two Empress Guitar Pedal Reviews For Knob Twiddlers

    I love analog tech and I love analog sound. That’s why I wrote up these two basic reviews of two Empress analog pedals for guitarists sick of bleeps and bloops and color LCD read-outs. I added a few video demos, as well, but I was able to play with this gear for a while in my own home studio and came away quite pleased. Empress Phaser Pedal Empress’ phaser pedal packs a lot of… Read More

  • Review: Deus Ex – Human Revolution

    Review: Deus Ex – Human Revolution

    Short version: Absolutely worth a play, but there are a number of flaws that cause DEHR to fall short of greatness. The bosses, the “domestic” environments, and certain je ne sais quois mais ce n’est pas bien about the level design. It’s far from perfect, but the core gameplay, second by second, is fun and exciting. Read More

  • Review: Polaroid GL10 Instant Photo Printer

    Review: Polaroid GL10 Instant Photo Printer

    Short version: A nice-looking device, and it works more or less as advertised, but the quality of the printing simply isn’t good enough. If you want instant photos, analog is still the way to go. Read More

  • Review: Audyssey Lower East Side Speakers

    Review: Audyssey Lower East Side Speakers

    Short version: A solid pair of laptop or desk speakers, unremarkable but warm and powerful, with an understated and attractive design. More attention to detail would help justify their price, though. Read More

  • Head-To-Head Review: Canon T3i Vs. Nikon D5100

    Head-To-Head Review: Canon T3i Vs. Nikon D5100

    With HD video recording, great image quality, and a solid selection of lenses, the Nikon D5100 and Canon T3i are on the top of a lot of wish lists out there. For people already in the Canon or Nikon camp (full disclosure: I’m a Canon man), the choice is obvious if an upgrade is in their future, but for the less dogmatic and new recruits to the DSLR crowd, it’s not nearly as clear-cut. Read More

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