• Retro Is One Of The Most Beautiful Instagram iPad Viewers

    Retro Is One Of The Most Beautiful Instagram iPad Viewers

    Despite being one of the fastest growing social sites in the world, Instagram still hasn’t come out with an iPad app. This has allowed several developers to step into the breech and offer their own tablet viewers for the popular photo-sharing app. Some of the most popular ones include Padgram, Pictacular, and Iris App. In order to step up to the competition, a bootstrapped… Read More

  • The Retrode 2 Makes Your SNES And Genesis Cartridges Useful Again

    The Retrode 2 Makes Your SNES And Genesis Cartridges Useful Again

    Last year, or I suppose it is now the year before last, we saw the Retrode, a little device that let you easily create ROM files from your SNES and Genesis cartridges. Useful, but sort of a one-shot device if you’re not a serious collector. The team behind it has created a new device, the Retrode 2 naturally, that is a bit more useful to the average retro-loving gamer. Instead of… Read More

  • Set Your Living Room To Turbo With This NES Advantage Lamp

    Do you need a little something for your retro-gaming man cave? Something that says “I’m a classy guy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t beat Contra in one life,” perhaps? This lamp might be your style. Read More

  • Cartridge Hack Creates Super Mario All-Stars… For NES

    I’ve always been slightly bothered by the updated graphics in Super Mario All-Stars, but at the same time I can’t deny that it’s a fantastic cartridge to have around. Hacker Callan Brown apparently felt the same way, and decided to do a little investigation into perhaps remedying the situation. The result? A sweet megacartridge with an old-school way of selecting which game… Read More

  • 35-Year-Old Apple I Resuscitated At Italian University

    Here’s a cheerful little item to help advance your week towards Friday. Technicians at the Politecnico de Torino (a university in Turin, Italy) have managed to bring an original Apple I back to life. These extremely early examples of home computing are nearly impossible to find, and indeed this one was purchased by a wealthy collector for over $200,000. They cleaned the contacts, tested… Read More

  • An Atari 810 Disk Drive For MicroSD – Built To Scale

    This is the twee-est disk drive I’ve ever seen! Those of you who are old enough will remember the Atari 400 and 800 systems, with their separate disk drive, the 810. This Rossum character has put together a working replica of the 810 that takes MicroSD cards – at about a hundredth the size. Read More

  • SLG 3000 Gives Your HDTV The Old Scanline Look

    I can’t be the only one that occasionally prefers the look of scanlines to the pixelated or filtered upscaling one sees on modern emulators and virtual consoles. I mean — think what you played Metroid on originally. It sure as hell wasn’t a 50-inch LCD TV upscaling using a proprietary algorithm and doing inter-frame interpolation. If you want that old look while playing… Read More

  • SupaBoy Handheld SNES Gets Priced And Dated

    Last week we heard about the SupaBoy, a sweet Ben Heck-esque hack of a Super Nintendo console into a SNES controller shape. It’s got all the ports you need, plays cartridges, and everything. At the time there was no info on price or date, but Hyperkin has just sent out a press release rectifying that. Read More

  • Get Your Wordstar On With These "Abandon Wear" Shirts

    If you lived through the 80s, you’ll probably want to check out this line of shirts. I mean, there’s no shortage of logo or retro T-shirts, but how often is it you see an Accolade one, or NeXT? Read More

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