• JerkTech Startups Shut Down Or Pivot. Good Riddance.

    JerkTech Startups Shut Down Or Pivot. Good Riddance.

    ReservationHop and MonkeyParking, the two startups last week called emblems of exploitative #JerkTech, have both changed their ways. ReservationHop announced Tuesday a “soft pivot” away from its site that stole and resold dinner reservations without compensating restaurant owners. Meanwhile, MonkeyParking has complied with its cease-and-desist order from San Francisco by… Read More

  • Stop The JerkTech

    Stop The JerkTech

    “Go disr*pt yourself” is what I have to say to founders of startups like ReservationHop and Parking Monkey. They’re emblematic of a compassionless new wave of self-serving startups that exploit small businesses and public infrastructure to make a buck and aid the wealthy. Let’s call these parasites #JerkTech. It’s one thing to outcompete a big, stagnant company… Read More