• GameStop no longer offering Xbox 360 replacement plan

    GameStop no longer offering Xbox 360 replacement plan

    If the failure rate of the Xbox 360 doesn’t start improving soon, even Best Buy of all places will stop offering a replacement plan for the console. Normally, these plans are designed to increase profits for the retailer by offering an extended warranty to the customer for more money. However, as GameStop has quickly realized, this becomes more of a pain in the ass for a store when a console… Read More

  • $20 iPhone Battery Replacement Kit

    $20 iPhone Battery Replacement Kit

    Apple doesn’t want you messing with the iPhone’s battery. Really, it doesn’t. When your iPhone’s warranty runs out, you’ll have to send it back to Apple to get the battery replaced for an exhorbitant fee ($79 + shipping). Yes it sucks, but there’s no other alternatives. Or are there? In comes Asia, full of OEM batteries and plastic. For only $20, you can get a… Read More