• Why Does The New Google+ Use So Much Whitespace?

    Why Does The New Google+ Use So Much Whitespace?

    Google launched a massive redesign of Google+ earlier today. The reaction to this new interface for the company’s fledgling social network have been generally positive, but most users are somewhat confused about why there is suddenly so much whitespace on the site. Indeed, the #whitespace hashtag is currently trending on the site and it’s probably the most discussed… Read More

  • Google Map Maker Gets A Makeover, Is Now Easier To Use

    Google Map Maker Gets A Makeover, Is Now Easier To Use

    Google Map Maker, the still somewhat undiscovered gem of Google Maps which allows users to create and edit maps, is getting its new Google makeover today. Following the redesigns of other top Google properties including Gmail, Docs, YouTube and Reader, Map Maker’s updated user interface is meant to be easier on the eyes, while also increasing the service’s usability. Read More

  •’s Big Redesign Is Arriving Soon For All’s Big Redesign Is Arriving Soon For All

    For days, our inboxes have been filled with tips and screenshots about’s redesign, which offers a cleaned up Amazon homepage, without the old site’s iconic blue and orange navigation. Instead, the new site features a much bigger search bar, bigger buttons, and less clutter – all changes that practically scream “tablet-optimized!” The changes, of… Read More

  • New TechCrunch Mobile Site: You Can’t Escape the Logo

    New TechCrunch Mobile Site: You Can’t Escape the Logo

    If you’ve visited TechCrunch on your mobile you know it’s been a generic experience…until now. With the introduction of our new look and snazzy/abominable logo it was time for something better: the all-new mobile site. The AOL Mobile web team have done a great job adapting our desktop experience for a plethora of small screens. And when I say a plethora… Read More

  • Quora Attempts To Cut Through The Noise With ‘Browse’

    Quora Attempts To Cut Through The Noise With ‘Browse’

    If you’re going to go through all the trouble of streamlining your Topic pages and creating Topic Groups, you might as well develop an over-arching way to get your users psyched about Topics. Quora Browse, a beautifully  redesigned Browse page that is once again an effort to prevent this type of user confusion surrounding ways to get to the content they care about. Read More

  • TechCrunch Redesign: The Early Reviews

    TechCrunch Redesign: The Early Reviews

    Since we launched the new TechCrunch redesign, we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from our readers. We even provided a handy copy-and-paste template for your reviews. Some love it, some really hate it. The logo has become a Tetris game. Even Hitler weighed in. The TechCrunch team is busy following the comments and critiques. While we have gotten a lot of positive feedback… Read More

  • Redesigning TechCrunch: We Picked This Logo Just to Piss You Off

    Redesigning TechCrunch: We Picked This Logo Just to Piss You Off

    It’s been months in the making. It’s taken innumerable twists and turns along the way. It’s survived an acquisition. It’s been a challenge and a privilege to coordinate. It’s my incredible pleasure to present the all-new, completely redesigned TechCrunch. With special thanks to our launch sponsor, Dell. I’ve been acting as product manager for the… Read More

  • Wow, what a shock: Many users hate the new Facebook redesign

    The new Facebook design goes live, what, this week or next, and plenty of kids—you know, the original demographic before the site was overrun by social media wonks—are none too pleased. As one of the early users of the site (I joined in June, 2004) I couldn’t give a damn what they do to it at this point. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all dumb zombie apps and… Read More

  • Welcome to the new CrunchGear

    As you’ve probably noticed, CrunchGear got a makeover for Xmas. Gone is the sickly yellorange color scheme, and we’ve made some changes to how things are organized as well; things should be much easier to find throughout the whole site. You’ll also notice that comments are now threaded, so no more of this “@ asshat” stuff we’ve been doing the last year. Read More

  • Redesigned, cheaper PS2 due out in 2008?

    The PlayStation 2 is no doubt one of the most successful consoles in video game history. After recently celebrating its 7th birthday, the PS2 will now undergo yet another redesign in an effort to build-in the system’s power supply and continually trim the overall design down. In addition to a new design, the new PS2 is expected to take a price cut down to $99, making the system affordable… Read More

  • More PSP Slim Information Revealed

    It’s no surprise that Sony has considered and was probably working on a new version of the PSP. Whether a complete overhaul or just a re-design, one thing is for sure: Sony is up to something. Kotaku reports that the new PSP will feature a slimmer design, a bright new LED screen, and a faster UMD drive. There will also be 8GB of internal flash memory to make downloading content, new… Read More